Bike testing with a twist

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  1. Check out this video from French Mag, Moto Journal.
    It is not only humorous but shows how bike should be used. What these guys are doing is the very reason I love bikes and it is how I like to ride.
    It may be irresponsible, stupid and dangerous to some people but to me it is the only way to ride.

    If the video locks at the 2 minute 15 second mark try the French version with no English subtitles
  2. Great fun. Good to see all sorts of bikes. Love the tongue in cheek safety humour.
  3. I couldn't agree with You More Brian! Unfortunately I can't Ride like that but I have fun doing the Best I can! Top Stuff!
  4. Hey i didnt know that French can make comedy,,,BUT that was fun to watch,, thanx for finding that out for us...
  5. Bloody funny. :thumbup:
  6. Here's another interesting video by moto journal. It's quite tame compared to the stunts shown above, more on the mellow side, but still funny. The cross plain crank is explained in a bar using vodka shotglasses. Unfortunately no subtitles, only frogspeak, but it's still nice to watch the R1 in the countryside and on the track.

  7. Man that was funny,, i mean even im NOT fluent in french bt understan a lot,, it was funny,,thanx for sharing
  8. DAMN that was fun,, and would be intrested to hear what the COPPIES told him in the end :happy2:
  9. That's the way I'd like to be able to ride - less outright speed and power but balance and control, the guy is like an acrobat.

    The ideal urban "getaway vehicle"...

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