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  1. Hi,
    A couple of us are intending on hiring some bikes (650 Versys) and touring from Bangkok to Surin, Ubon Ratchatani, Khon Kaen, Chiang Mai, Kanchanaburi over about 12 days in August of this year.
    Can anyone offer any advice about companies to use, general suggestions and points to be aware of before we go too far into the planning of this.
  2. Thats a big trip & a lot of riding for wet season.

    You may want to concentrate on one area
    Esarn N-E Thailand from Bangkok
    Or a northern loop from Chiang Mai.

    Take a look at this one for a rough ourtline

    For North East Thailand take a look at this beauty
    Isan - North Eastern Ride Trips

    Kanchanburi is also brilliant from Bangkok
    Kanchanaburi Riding Adventures
  3. As David said, covering Isan, Northern and Western Thailand in one go within 12 days is way too short. Sure, you'll clock the mileage, but won't see much.
    My advice to you is to pick just one of these regions and leave something for next trip.
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  4. Thanks for the feedback - we may well knock off the Chiang Mai quarter, as it takes the most time to get accross and back from the North West.
  5. Much easier to start and finish in Chiang Mai. Not only is it a more laid back place with a lot less traffic you will find it so much easier to find the hire bikes you want !!!
  6. As mgeepers said, Chiang Mai has the best bike hire shops and also the best bike riding, Chiang Mai is situated in the foothills of the Himalayas! You could easily spend 12 days in Northern Thailand alone and still be missing quite a lot! Have a look through the Northern Thailand forum at the trip reports for inspiration!

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