Bira Trackday Sunday Aug 8th

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  1. Bira Trackday (pattay)is on This Sunday Aug 8th. Welcome all bikes from 400cc up.
    Bira Trackday organised by HST.
    Further details pls contact
    089 003 8886
    See you all then
  2. Thanks Charlie!

    I'm hoping to make this event with some friends. Is it a Pirelli Track Day or is this event being organized / run my Graham at HST?

    I'll give you a call tomorrow to get more details but you might want to post them here as well to keep everyone informed.

    Happy Trails!

    ps. I'm loving the Diablo Rossos that you installed for me a couple weeks ago on my GSX-R. Will come speak to you this week about good road / track tires for my ER6n. I'm thinking Dragon Supercorsa Pro but want to know if there are any others you'd recommend.
  3. Fantastic Pirelli Track Day at BIRA Circuit yesterday! This has to be my favorite pic of the day :mrgreen:
    Lots more to come!
    Ride On!
  4. Too many pics to edit! :crazy:

    Here are a few more in no particular order-
    Tiger and Gerhard took the LONG WAY AROUND to BIRA- from Bangkok to Wang Nam Kiao to Chachoengsao to BIRA!

    Getting ready for the "Blue Race". (Blue is supposed to be the beginner group...) Note the race slicks and race fairings...

    Pair of Gixxers :mrgreen:

    First time taking the Gixxer on a track- wow- what a weapon! :happy5:

    Had a great time chasing this Ducati around the track for 10 exciting laps. Managed to take him right at the finish line! :mrgreen:

    Gerhard was giggling like a school boy after a couple of sessions on his new GSX-R :lol-sign:

    Absolutely beautiful day to ride! Not too hot, nice breeze and not a drop of rain! 8)

    Some pretty cool crashes- (don't worry, everyone walked away in one piece)

    Busted up GSXR-

    Can you spot the owner? :cry:

    Rashed up R6
    (Apparently this was a Pattya rental... Ooops!) :oops:

    This poor fellow's Honda went up in flames...

    I think he's trying to throw dirt on the flames? :oops:

    It didn't work... :cry:

    Thank goodness the BIRA Fire Crew was so quick to react... :crazy:

    More pics and vids once I have a chance to edit them.

    Johnny Sned was there with a real camera and I'm hoping to see some of his pics too!

    Awesome track day! Can't wait for the next one!

    Ride On!

  5. Wow, that looks like real fun !!! Beautiful weather too !!! Doesn't surprise me that the Duc had no chance with you on your rocket on wheels :mrgreen: . Sorry for the guy on the burnt out Honda, lovely, the "Firebrigade" looks to me more like the "Gardener" 555555. Cheers, Franz
  6. LOL! Yeah! Couldn't tell if he was trying to douse the flames or perhaps water the "seed" and start a Honda tree :lol-sign:

    Was cool to see some familiar faces from Chiang Mai- Tim was there to watch the fun and West (sp?) got out and did some laps on his beautiful new KTM.

    I hope Johnny Sned (former owner of Gerhard's GSXR and soon to be resident of Chiang Mai) won't mind me copying some of his pictures which he posted on the SSR forum:




    Some youtube clips too! Gerhard on his new GSX-R:
    [youtube:zxr424pf] /youtube:zxr424pf]

    Race start:
    [youtube:zxr424pf] /youtube:zxr424pf]

    Race vid:
    [youtube:zxr424pf] /youtube:zxr424pf]

    So much fun! Can't wait to do it again!

    Ride On!

    Tony :happy5:
  7. I wouldn't say being 'pipped at the post' after giving away 44hp and over 150cc was the same as having 'no chance'. :roll:
    Hats off to the Duc rider (who I think is Vit from Hua Hin) I say. :thumbup:
  8. I wouldn't say being 'pipped at the post' after giving away 44hp and over 150cc was the same as having 'no chance'. :roll:
    Hats off to the Duc rider (who I think is Vit from Hua Hin) I say. :thumbup:
    Dunno who he was but I had a great time chasing him around the circuit for 10 laps. Passed him a few times on the straight but he's a lot faster through the corners and hairpins than me so it was a really fun game of cat and mouse. Considering it was my first time taking the GSXR on a track and only the second time I've ever ridden BIRA I'm pretty happy with how it turned out. I have no illusions of ever being a professional racer, but it sure is fun to get out there and pretend! :mrgreen:
    Awesome to see some Ducatis in Thailand without massive chicken strips :wink:
    I remember Rustic Charmless saying a while back that he needs to get to a track and learn to ride his bike- wonder if he ever did? :lol-sign:
    Ride On!
  9. Man

    That look like fun in the sun,,, thanx for sharing lads,,

    What's wrong with Banana boy,, why he was not in his banana suite and droping his bike???
  10. I would appreciate if someone could tell me the contact details or web site for Bira so I can check when track days are run?
    I would like to know the track day rules etc.
  11. Looks like some great fun out there. I'm impressed with the Tiger - the bike that does anything and everything, ey?

    The Gixxers of course were made for that stuff. Scary!! I think I'll do a few training courses before I dare to come anywhere near that track...

    The guy with the garden hose on the ex-Honda... classic!!!! Only in Thailand, only in Thailand

    BTW I thought this kind of stuff only happened in movies? Or did this bike catch on fire before the crash?
  12. Rules? In Thailand?! :lol-sign:
  13. Hmm, Was that a dumb question ? Did i put my foot in my mouth!!.
    Actually I meant in regards protective gear. I personally I wouldn’t ride without full leathers and the rest of the correct gear but I have a mate who doesn’t have leathers.

    Can he ride the track?

    At Pasir Gudang in Malaysia you are allowed to wear Jeans and a jacket. It doesn’t have to be a leather jacket.

    Also do they have bike scrutineering?

    I figured Thailand may be the same as Malaysia.
  14. You are expected to use some common sense when it comes to track riding.
    Yes your mate can ride in Jeans. But it will be frowned upon. Why don't you be a good friend and recommend him to get suitable protective biking gear for the track environment.

    Also do they have bike scrutineering? No they don't. But if it leaking oil or coolant or both. You will feel the wrath of other track users. Generally the track is more or less self policed by other track day users.
  15. Well, I'd like to but everytime I check, it's full of show-offs on Gixxers! :huh:
  16. Well, I'd like to but everytime I check, it's full of show-offs on Gixxers! :huh:
    C'mon Terry, that's the best excuse you can come up with?
    No need to bust out the GSX-R with you- I've seen the way you "ride" and am confident I could spank your fat ass with the ER6n. In fact I'll give you a one lap headstart just to keep it interesting :mrgreen:
    What a waste of an 848... :roll:
    Happy Trails!
  17. I have more cool pix

  18. Awesome Charlie! Thanks for sharing. When is the next one? Can you help me find some track fairings for my K6? Cheers! Tony
  19. K6 fairing 12,000 baht for the whole set

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