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  1. I have been in Thailand about a year but have not taken any substantial rides yet. My wife and I want to ride to Chonburi from Bangkok on a day trip. Considering that we can't ride on highways, what are your experience/opinions on how to make this ride? Stop and go all the way or fairly nice ride? Thanks.

    06 Vstrom 650
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  2. You can ride under the bang na trad motorway. Not very nice and dangerous.

    Otherwise taking the back roads via pak chong and chachongsao.. then you come out on to the frontage road near the airport but on the other side. Then a few zigs and zags cross over and ride the service road on the other side until you get to rama 9

    I would do the last option. But over all there are plebty of nicer place to go from chonburi than Bangkok

    Hope that helps
  3. Sorry misread your post as the car was bouncing around. You are on Bangkok. Just do the same but reverse .

    Khai yai and around there would be a nice over all ride once clear of the traffic. Again go out the same way in option two then take the back roads. You can avoid a lot of highway
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  4. Okay, thanks. I just want to avoid stop and go all the way. I can do stop and go on Sukumvit all day long!! Too bad we can't ride the highways with bigger bikes to get there fast.

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