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  1. mikerust

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    Does anyone have experience of a "direct" route to Udon Thani from Bangkok but avoiding that horrible concrete highway from Nakhon? to Korat.
    Will be travelling on 21-ish of may and wish to make the trip in one day.
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    Don't know the condition of the road at the moment but you could try to turn off at Pak Chong to the north taking Rd 2247 till Khao Noi / Sap Thakian where you head east on the 2256 till to reach Rd 201 at Thakian. Take the 201 to Chayaphum and continue on the 201 till you reach Rd 12 (Phitsanulok to Khonkaen) at Chumphea. Turn left here on Rd 12 for about 700 meters till you reach the turnoff the Nong Bua Lamphu (Rd 228). Drive till Nong Bua Lamphu and take the 210 to Udon (total about 420 km.)

    Direct from Pak Chong to Udon (taking the concrete Rd 2) will be about the same distance but in time will be considerable shorter but also considerable more boring.
  4. mikerust

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    Cheers. Eventually for expediency sake we took the 304 all the way to?? then the 201 to Chayaphum then the way you suggested to Udorn the only "bad" surface bits were 228 and the as yet not repaved section of 304 somewhere in the middle, but that is relatively short. The 304 around Koa Yai is "relatively pretty but busy.

    Second day we did the Loei, Lon Sok loop and returned to Udorn last leg a bit boring but the loop is probably some of the best sport bike riding in Thailand.

    Back to BKK went straight Udorn to Koa Yai and home along 305 then cut down to 304.

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