BMW F650GS - For sale in Chiang Mai

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  1. FOR SALE - BMW F650GS

    Year – 2002
    Color – Red
    Mileage – 8,900 kilometers
    Purchased from BMW Thailand in BKK
    Registered in Chiang Mai, with 100% legal green book
    Located in Chiang Mai

    Accessories - installed:
    BMW rack and topbox
    BMW expandable panniers
    BMW windscreen – black
    BMW handguards
    Wolfman Denali tankbag
    Touratech footpegs
    Touratech shift lever
    Touratech steel braided front brake line
    Touratech Low Fender
    Scott automatic chain oiler
    Oil temperature gauge
    Crashbars with footrests

    Accessories – loose:
    Touratech handlebar risers
    BMW wind deflector, shift lever, footpegs
    Copy of BMW instruction manual on CD

    New Spare Parts:
    K&N air filter
    K&N oil filters – four
    Ferodo brake shoes – front and rear

    Selling Price: 420,000 baht

    Contact info:
    086 118 5993
    [email [email protected]][email protected][/email]
  2. Dear Bob

    Although it sounds tempting a complete new bike at Barcelone is just over 500,000. Although I realize it does not have all accessories whihc you have it is 6 years younger and will get a better price when I want to sell it again.

    So thanks on the offer but I think I will pass this time


    Bertil Prins
  3. Hi Bertil

    A new F650 GS lists for 575,000 baht at the dealer in Chiang Mai.

    Adding the listed accessories to the bike brings the price well over 700,000 baht.

    As they say, Up To You.

  4. First post here..


    Do you have pictures of the entire setup I can see?

    Im actually looking to buy one new from a dealer, but this seems a good offer, so its worth a shot asking.

  5. Hi Lightemup

    Send me an e-mail, so I have an address to send photos. You don't list one on your profile.

  6. Bike has been sold

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