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    BMW F800 GS
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  7. tum_speedway

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    BMW F800 GS DEMO in chiangmai . Please visit our showroom 402 chiangmai-Lampang Rd. Faham District Muang Chiangmai
  8. Ian Bungy

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    Bugger I won't be able to Sleep again Tonight after seeing This!!! And thanks Tum for the Test Ride, It is quite Possibly the Best Bike I have Ever Ridden :shock: .I just have to Get My Wife to OK the Sale for Me!!! She Won't let Me Sell the Tiger as it is a Special Bike and Her Birthday Present so I am Not allowed to ever Sell It. Never mind just have to start Collecting them I suppose :wink:
  9. SilverhawkUSA

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    Yes Tum, Thanks for allowing us the test ride from the X-Centre. I am not a BMW fan by any means, but after riding the 800GS I was quite impressed. I have since suggested it as a great bike for some friends considering a new purchase. Sorry, it is outside of my budget :cry:

    I can say that your name of "Tum Speedway" is quite appropriate also. A group of five rode up to the Samoeng viewpoint with Ian flogging the 800GS. We were all riding on the limit with 650 to 1100cc bikes and Tum made it look easy, passing at will, on Ian's 250 KLX :eek:
  10. Franz

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    Ian & Dave, I'm up in CNX on the FJR from 25th Dec. to 7th of Jan and was already offered a testdrive by Tum, it's not the brand but certain people that keep me interested in different bikes. Hmm, the FJR for long tours, the F800GS for Northern mountain tours and the SRX6 for commuting between coffeshops and Carrefour, well that would make my day.............. :p See u next week, cheers, Franz
  11. Varadero

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    Hello !

    For those who are interested .... here are a few pics from F800GS in northern thailand.
    Best regards

  12. Varadero

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    Or this CIMG1152-Kopie.
  13. KZ

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    Definitely a cool-looking bike, and a smart compromise between a single and the "boxer-panzer" - this bike fills the gap with a great power to weight ratio. How much is it here in Thailand?
    Here a very informative link to the 2009 F800R: ... w-f-800-r/
  14. Varadero

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    Hi !

    It is 760.000 THB ... about 50% more than in Germany.
    I guess due to the import tax.
    For sure overprized BUT A LOT OF FUN !!!!
  15. Marco

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    I ride LT and love it, question(just bothering my head) in your last sentance,,Quote"For sure overprized BUT A LOT OF FUN !!!!end of Quote""

    is that means when something is 50% overpriced but fun = It's ok then? :wink: (Just wanna check it)

    Import tax are as you know 30% for spares what are every manufacture paying, that leaves then profit to be shared with dealers 20%
    roughtly 76K import tax
    and if bike is 50% more here than in UK, it leaves it's prive roughtly 380.000in UK, so that minus 76K= 340.000THB for some ones hand, per bike, that might be give 50.000 to dealer and rest to BMW Thailand?

    Any how, i love my PANZAR Wagen and looking for 2010 NEW LT IF BM going to continue, even in USA they said no more LT,2009 will be the last model.
    I might be need to change to GW.. :cry:
  16. johngooding

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    New complete imported bikes except some covered by the trade agreement with Japan, are not charged the 30% spares charge, but something over 100% on top. I will see if I can find the exact figure.
    Very difficult to compare UK prices these days as the pound is worth less in Baht every week, now around 47 Baht, that makes the Thai bike look much more expensive than 2 years ago when it was over 70 Baht for the pound.
    Yes new bike bikes are expensive over here, especially the non Japanese ones, but most other things associated with running the bike are a lot cheaper than the UK, and the freedom to enjoy such a beautiful country with all its attractions is worth the high purchase price.
  17. Varadero

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    Hello Marco,

    to answer your question :

    is that means when something is 50% overpriced but fun = It's ok then? (Just wanna check it

    YES .... it is very expensive but I love it and I think it is worth. As far as I know the import tax for bikes is 100 % and so the price is ok.
    When it comes to motorbikes I don't follow my brain and that's why I have that bike.
    The question is, what options I had. The money could have stayed on my account and maybe lost when the banks are bankrupt.
    I could have bought another bike from Red Baron but I wanted the dealer and service in Chiang Mai and clean papers.
    And .... unfortunately I am from west (We in the west know better and most people would buy a Honda over a BMW any day ???) and I dont know better. I think that bike is perfect for north thailand and much better than any bike that Japan is able to deliver (in thailand). The Varadero has no technical development since years and the new Transalp looks like a toy. SO .... the 800 is the best option ... for me.
    Only one bad news .... don't believe BMW .... the bike is not UNSTOPPABLE ... as you see :D

  18. siinthai

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    Thats a pretty bold statement......most people are usually ignorant too !! Funny that BMW outsold Honda hands down in the big traillie classes !!
    And the new 800 GS , well there really is no decent competition apart from European bikes KTm etc...
    Sorry not all sausages and chips you know :shock:
  19. Varadero

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    I had 2 Varaderos (with and without fuel injection) for 5 years and I sold them to buy the GS1200. The Varadero came out in 1998 and since then didn't get any major improvement. (I have to admit that in 2002 Honda moved the production from Japan to Spain which caused severe quailty problems). At the same time BMW developed from a GS 1100 to a GS 1150 and finallly the GS1200. The Varadero is more comfortable and the motor is smoother .... but in any other category it can't reach the performance of the BMW, because it has the technology of 10 years ago.
    But that's up to anybody. This is the GS 800 thread and for the north of thailand - for me - the bike is perfect and worth the price ... even I am western :D

  20. siinthai

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    I had a test ride yesterday.....
    I was amazed by the customer service atr BMW Chiangmai. I was so disgusted with the service in Phuket, I flew up here to test the bike and have some fun with the lads.....and the first 24hrs were blinding !
    Anyway, the guy now looking after sales is Kumphon (Pon)...he's a mechanic and knows his shit. Rides a 1150GS and pretty quick too. Also rides enduro comp.
    So we went out for a ride ..up Doi Sitep, my first time, bike is chicken strip left by the time we got to the top...Then out on some concrete rs towards the X centre for some high speed testing....
    I found it hard to negotiate after that...!!!
    Anyway put the deposit down and hopefully shall be riding my new baby home next week...... :lol:
  21. Varadero

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    Congratulations ... good choice.
    I think you had the best guide BMW CNX could offer.
    Have fun with your new bike and take care !


    P.S. Unfortunately my 800Gs is parking until march. I am jealous :)
  22. Muzz

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    A very nice bike indeed. Infact it it had been released earlier I may have considered one. But then again, I wouldn't swap my HP2 for anything now. :D
  23. KZ

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    Captain Slash wrote: "We in the west know better and most people would buy a Honda over a BMW any day." That is quite a statement and food for discussion. I've had a XR650L and a DR650SE, never rode a GS650, but I'd never consider it because it's way more expensive and the japanese bikes have been developed over years almost to a point of perfection. BMW doesn't have a great quality/durability advantage here.
    I've had several (used) K75s and K100s and enjoyed riding bikes with the BMW logo on the tank, but can't say that I would pay 50% more for them than for a comparable japanese bike.
    BMW's problem is that when they develop a "niche" bike like the GS and are successful with it, the japanese makers build their bikes almost as good but cheaper.
  24. etmoto

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    I still prefer the BMW over the japanese bikes. :D

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