Bnew GOPRO HD Camera For Sale

Discussion in 'Motorcycle Buy & Sell - S.E. Asia' started by costaguapo, Dec 12, 2011.

  1. Ordered 2 but I only need one, so letting it go.. Camera is in Vientiane. Would prefer a meet-up if possible. Price is 8,000 Baht.
  2. Hi, What model no is this ? and what accessories e.g. Helmet Hero ?

  3. This is the 960 version. It has a flat and curved adhesive mounts and helmet strap too. I only tested the one I'm selling so the cam is literally bnew. All the regular accessories are included. Thanks for taking an interest.
  4. from David West

    I am in Vientiane and have 8000 baht available - call 78019290 if not yet sold - thanks

  5. @ dgwest7 Check the Post date it was nearly 4 years ago and about the first model made If I recall.
    Still no cheaper in 4 years but way better features!

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