Bonanza Race Track Closed for Repairs

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  1. The Bonanza Race track is closed until the 22nd of March for repairs to the surface. I have only been to one track in Thailand and that is Bonanza. The surface was suspect in the last two bends and there were a few areas where the management had painted white warning markers. That said the setting is beautiful and it was very quiet. I rode to the track from the very north of Thailand and had a great couple of days, despite the track condidtion. When it is finished and hopefully properly, it will be an excellent place for a few days R&R and track fun. If you have not been, try it out.
  2. Yes, the drift cars did a number on the track and it's good to see that management is spending the money to maintain and repair the surface. They are building some facilities too and some day this will be a great track. As for now it's still a work in progress, but agree entirely with the OP- it's a beautiful spot and thanks to the elevation it's usually a lot cooler at Bonanza than any of the other tracks in Thailand.
  3. The Manager informed me that they had to have the track ready as a round of the Thai Superbike Series would be held at Bonanza this year. Not sure if that is wishful thinking, but there was certainly a lot of activty off the track in terms of building work. Re the heat, this was my first time ever on a track and by midday, having been on track since 8, I was hot enough. Also I had run out of petrol and consumed the spare container. There are still scant facilities there. Drinks machine and toilets only at the moment.
  4. Lolz! Well, that's progress! Last time I was there there weren't any drink machines and we had to pee wherever we pleased ;) (Actually, there are toilets for campers but they're a long walk, especially if you're wearing leathers!)
  5. As a trackday virgin, prior to the Bonanza trip late last month, I did not consider the issues of bladder emptying whilst in a one piece leather race suit. Most road riding is done in a two piece or in well armoured draggin jeans. This lack of foresight became apparrent, even with the new toilets so near the track. I managed to extricate myself just in time. There really should be a manual with these one piece straight-jackets!
  6. LOLZ! Yeah, any decent track should have some portapotties strategically located so that guys in full leathers can pull right up and take care of business!



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