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  1. Well I'll be landing in Bangkok on the first, staying a few days and making my way up to Chiang Mai for a week or so of riding. Ordered my maps, waiting for them to get here. Really looking forward to it!

    After a week or so up north going to head down to the beaches, Phuket, for a week or so. Then back up to Bangkok for a few more days and home.

    I'll be taking a lot of photos and video. Will be sure to post a ride recap when I'm done.

    One question I may have is this: is it usually possible to leave some gear/bags at the guest house or bike rental places? I don't want to have to cart all my crap around the whole time.

  2. I usually leave my gear at a hotel when I am off travelling or if the gh or hotel wont let you, the airport lets you leave it there for a nominal fee I think
    Have a good one, I am jealous!!
  3. Okay thanks for the information.

    I'm still planning on packing as light as possible, but it is nice to know that can store some stuff.

  4. Even though I am far from expert, (did the trip once), I can safely say that you should not need to store anything at GH or otherwise. A backpack for electronic accessories, cords, chargers etc and toiletries, a tankbag for the cameras/camcorder/sunscreen, gps etc, and a small/medium sports bag with 3 days of clothes bungee strapped to the back should do the business just fine. The trick is getting your helmet, jacket, pants, boots etc in the gym bag. Hint: You wont be able to get them all in there.

    I wore my jacket and boots with Levis on the flights over. Wasnt too bad except for the walk through Suvarn to the connecting flight. But you are going to have to get used to the heat anyway coming from the NW. I am from Seattle and lost 11 pounds in 2 weeks over there.

    Just roll up your riding pants (mesh recommended), stuff in your helmet, and put in the sports bag along with the tank bag (cameras already in there) and zip it up. Then put clothes/toiletries, everything else in the backpack.

    Had everything I needed and never had to store anything. Also had room to spare to bring back some hilltribe weavings and Thoed Thai opium pipes too. Have a great trip and looking forward to your report.
  5. Store your stuff at the GH.

    Personally I never ride with a backpack. I just picture in my mind what all those things would do to my back if I happened to "slide" down the road on them. And it is hot!
  6. Oh no. I should have clarified. The backpack is not worn while riding. It is used for the trip over while the helmet and tankbag are in the sports bag as carry on. Since the helmet and tankbag are now on your head and tank while riding, plenty of room in the sports bag for the backpack. Clear as mud?
  7. How you arrange your luggage really can make a difference as you are sliding down the road...... I came off last week at 80kph near Hua Hin on account of an optimistic yet inconsiderate dog. I have crash bars which are essential if you ask me. I also have well packed paniers...... Both ensured there was little damage to me, the bike or my kit. Broken mirror....... I have a lot of cuts and bruises on my arms because it was so hot I wasn't wearing a leather..... So thats a lesson (after 25 years!). If not a jacket at least a denim shirt is

    I think I rolled at the end of the slide..... God knows how that would have turned out if I had a rucksack on my back.

    The dog thing is getting worse in TL I am sure...... They are everywhere and fairly vague on the green cross code.

    Go slow........
  8. I was actually able to get my helmet into my backpack where a sleeping bag normally is. I had originally planned on bringing my tank bag as a carry-on with the helmet in it, but now that I got it to fit in the pack, wasn't planning on it. Tank bag weighs like 5 lbs easy with the magnets in it. I'm not sure if I could get my tank bag to stick to many of the bikes anyways--unless I get a sportbike or cruiser. Seems like the dual sport bikes don't really have a good spot for a tank bag. Or do they?

    I'm not bringing a whole heck of a lot, and if I'm wearing the helmet, riding pants and jacket My pack will get a lot smaller.

    I did decide to take a bungee cargo net to help with strapping the gear down. Hopefully can acquire additional bungies and straps as needed on location.

    Okay I feel much more confident now about being able to haul my gear. I've done some longer distance stuff here in the states, but not with this much gear. Pretty sure it will work.
  9. I bought a nice mesh jacket, but after getting it and realizing how unpackable and heavy (weight wise) it is I ended up ordering a Fly Racing Enduro pack jacket. Lightweight, packs up nice. Not as good as leathers, but has extra abrasion protection. Hoping it will arrive tomorrow.

    I went down wearing a messenger bag/backpack with a computer in it once, just ripped the strap right off. The aluminum PowerBook got a small dent/road rash on one corner, but served me well for years after that.

    Thanks for the tip, will keep an eye out.

    I figure they can't be worse than cows in the southwest who stand in the road and graze the grass on the shoulder. Had a couple of big scares coming around corners in cattle country!
  10. I will be riding in CM starting on the 5th of March for a week or so. I brought along a "Camelbak" for hydration. It also acts as a small backpack for light stuff. The temps in CM are going to be over 100F so the textile jacket is going to be a real challenge even with vents. :shock:

    Maybe we can all meet up at the "cafe" to tell bad lies! :lol:


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