Border crossing without driver licence?

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  1. Well im from those kind of people that not paying too much respect for government rules in favour of humanity :)

    but want to travel a bit as im dismissed from job. Is it will be a trouble to cross THMY border without licence? And then MYSG border? im sure not the second one but at least to get to Malaysia...can? or will end up with bike arested?
  2. Just get a license- it's cheap and easy and useful and I'm sorry, I don't understand what a Driver's License has to do with "humanity".... :roll:
  3. well im lazy. and im human. not having letting me sleep more so greatly favours one tiny bit of humanity represented in my face
  4. I've never been asked to produce my riders licence at any border crossing Thai - Laos in the last 15 years.
    Vietnam yes, in March 2009.
    China yes in 1994/5?
    I must have made at least 25 Thai / Laos border crossings by motorcycle.
    The officials - customs & immigration - are only interested in the correct documentation for your bike & identity.
    Smash up & have an accident & then the local traffic police will want to see your riding licence.
  5. HI

    As already recomended take a Thai Driving license. If You have a foreign license it may need a translation and after that it is easy. If not you have to make the test I have the questions on my computer and the driving test is quite easy. My wife ar making all the papers and bring you to the test and both car and motorcycle license will cost you less than 5000 Baht, everything included. The first license is valid one year and after that You get a 5 year license if you have a one year visa.

    My wife can only help You here in Pattaya so You must stay here one day. And Pattaya is not so bad as many people say...

    When You have a Thai driving license You will quickly recover the cost because you will pay less fines for everything and entree fees to national parks and tourist establishments will honour You as a local and ou pay the local price.

    Malaysia/Singapore are countries that will/may check Your license at the border and You cannot bribe them.

    Best Rgds

  6. well nevermind but drivers licence worth 500 baht if someone preparing papers and takes you to the tests and 1000 -2000 baht if you just submit your copies and taking prepared licence here in Phuket
  7. Yes.

    But my wife takes your foreign driving license to your consulate in Bangkok and have it translated. The consulate charges 500-900 Baht for that depending on the consulate. Then she arranges two medical certificates. Then she brings the papers to the immigration to get two home certificates a 200+100 (tea money) Baht. Then she picks You you up at your hotel/condo in Pattaya in the morning with our "Lotus" (actually a Malaysian Proton who owns Lotus). drives 25 km to the verification center and sits with you at least half a day telling you where to go next. Then You leave the office with two new driving licenses and is brought back to Your hotel. I checked with her now and she charges 2.800 Baht and the customer pays the driving license fee himself (approx 500). If You think that is expensive then "by by cheap charlie".

    If You don't have a foreign license she charges 1.300 Baht+rent for bilke&Car and You are free to excersise the questions on my computer. Fair price?

    Actually one reason why I haven"t been very active on the board for a long time (the second reason being that I haven't been fit to drive) is all these "cheap charlies" (now I didn.t mean You Naz) who use this board to have questions answered that already have been answered a long time ago but they don't bother to look into the old threads to find the answers. Of course You get pain in the **** sitting at the computer... But you missuses resources like CDRW. Captain Slash,Jimoi, Tony BKK, Monsterman, Harri The Finn, Rhiekel and of course David and ,any many more (sorry for all those that I forgot), who take the time to answer You, even if the answer is already available.

    Best Rgds

  8. Thanks Hiko

    No worries im not raising discussion i made my post for information about prices i get through my local friends, but not everyone has such friends right?
    So you proposing a very good option for people

    BUT im not interested in license at all i've just asked if its troublesome to cross border without one or not...which was easy to guys to answer from their own experience
    so i find your last post a bit....i dont know how to say but not what im expected to see as an reply...sorry about that

    actually my plans are ruined not because of licence even..... so thread can be closed....or leave it better?

    Hiko you've got to ask David to stick tread with option you offering, new people sure will be interested, not only them actually

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