Buffalo Market in Bangkok?

Feb 7, 2006
Last weekend after a big troll of the Chiang Mai dealers turned up VERY few interesting bikes,I want a Phantom 2 stroke, KRR 150, TZR 150, NSR 150RR etc, I went to the market early sat am 25 k west of town near Habng Dong just past it actually.

TONS ,..hundreds of bikes for sale THE place to buy a Thai bike.


now I am working in Bangkok, is there ONE good place in Bangkok to buy from a selection of bikes? Amazingly FEW of the fast 2 strokes at any one dealer I have seen.Any market like Hang Dong?

Also I need to get that paper from Aussie embassie or Immegration office to register it in my name, has anyone done that recently in Bangkok?

WHo did you see? When? Where? etc.

Of course Aussie embassy does not answer the phone.

Any help MOST appreciated.