Bush Whacking With The Locals - Khao Khiew. Chonburi Thailand

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    The fun continues at Khao Khiew Chonburi.
    What a ripper area to ride.. Just can't get enough... Only 100 KM from Bangkok.

    The three of us met in the morning.. Hadn't been riding for more than 30 minutes and Phil and his crew come up on the trail.
    So we decided to ride together.. As we wanted to ride down the rocky horror trail down the mountain.
    The track Chris, Matt, Luke and myself had re-opened up last Sunday. (Cleared the bamboo and 10 ft grass)

    But first.. I was suppose to meet one of the locals at 1 pm to ride.. The others were heading back.
    Bit of a short day for me anyway. and like to keep going till 3 pm with an 8 am start.

    He turns up at 1.30. Thought he wasn't coming so had food.. He went off with his friends.
    Thought I was too meet them further up.. So the other guys leave and three locals pull up and ask me if I want to ride.

    I said yes.. My Thai is OK.. but not the best and they had three words of English..
    So off we go.. Me thinking they are part of the other group..

    But they were not.. Just pulled up, saw me on my own and asked if I want to ride with them...

    Pretty cool. Second bunch of locals I know in this area now and swapped details for future rides..

    Great fun with them... Enjoy the ride..


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