Buying a New KLX250S this weekend. Any last thoughts?

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  1. Thinking I will buy a new KLX250S this weekend. Can anyone offer any advice or comments or things to consider before I drop the chunk of change? I want a modest dual-sport, for getting around off-road Thailand, Laos, & Cambodia (but mostly Thailand), up in the hills, so it seems like a pretty natural choice....

    Have been around CM and Mae Hong Son on an XR250 and that worked great. Will i be disappointed with KLX, or will i hardly notice the difference?

    here are some photos from a few trips ago in CM....

    i want lots of this: ... irtBiking#

  2. Since there's not much to choose from and the price is right, go ahead! Personally I'd go for a D-Tracker since I spend 90% on the road.
  3. Thanks, that pretty much how i feel, Not a whole lot of choice, but its not a bad choice, so why not? And the price is definitely fair. I just can't bear to pay so much tax, it just feels SO WRONG...
  4. You'll definitely notice the difference in power after riding the XR - the KLX needs a few performance parts to wake it up. Have you checked out the Kawasaki forum? There's lots of info about hopping up the 250 singles.
  5. Yes, i have been reading this forum, and the Kawi forum, about the performance upgrades. Seems to be fairly straight-forward, not TOO complicated or expensive... but i will need some help still, i think... good rider, not so good mech/tech... :)
  6. XR 250 and KLR 250 are "somewhat" different...

    Did you test the Kawy yet?

    1) If yes you know what you are going to get...

    2) If no, tomorrow is one day before the "weekend" and you could rent one for some hours and get the true feeling...

    A good XR 250 with green book can be found on the second hand market from 50 KB to 100 KB (depend on the year).

    Good luck Mike and enjoy!
  7. Not much of a mechanic, and don't want any hassles with green books, so thinking new might save me a lot of hassle... i realize i am giving up something with the KLX, but it seems a small price for peace of mind. With 13t sprocket and the de-restrict, seems like the bike will perform adequately.

    How torky is it in low gear? Don't care about highway speeds, but getting out of frigging deep ruts is important... :)

    Thanks for the advice! Do you know if i can rent one in Pattaya?

  8. Hi Mike,

    No problem with KLX or D-Tracker to have fun in dirt or on regular roads... Just XR 250 has "more nerves". But as you say, brand new bike (at this price!) helps "peace of mind" :wink:

    As I'm settled in CNX, can't help you in Pat', sorry...
    But I suppose you can easily find one there: very popular bikes all over LOS! Have a look around town...

    Happy trails,
  9. A mate of mine just bought the KLX250, he has 2 bikes, a KLX250 and a tuned Gixxer 1000 08 model.

    He derestricted the KLX and could not be happier with the result, in stock it's torquey and great on/off the road he has zero regrets.

    Now if a man used to 200 bhp is happy why would you not?

    250 dual sport is not a high speed race bike, for it's purpose it's a brilliant bike. I tried both that and the D-Tracker and I would get the KLX no doubts...

    Good luck with the purchase and enjoy your new toy.
  10. "A good XR 250 with green book can be found on the second hand market from 50 KB to 100 KB (depend on the year)." Most decent XRs with green book for sale on this site were over 100,000THB.
  11. Thanks guys for all your input. Will see how i feel in the morning... Will probably just go and get it, but my mother-in-law is visiting, and i now realize that now might not be the best time to bring home a new motorcyle, a) cuz i have a new baby, and b) cuz she might feel I gotta a lot of cash to burn and should be burning it on her...

    So, maybe wait another week...

    And yes, I looked (briefly) for XR 250s on the net and i couldn't find anything less than 100K. I think if i lived in CM and new my way around used bikes, i could get a better deal, but that's not really an option for me....
  12. Mike, go for the Kwaka; new, no dodgy book, warantee, first class insurance, spareparts available, service available, goodies for personalisation on the market, good resell price as not doubted about any registration issue, will soon be same as Dreams & Waves, serviceable even in remote parts of LOS as sold in huge amounts...........I wouldn't make it a 'mother in law' decision :x , your money & your call 8) ......cheers, Franz
  13. Mike
    It's your money, you worked for it, you earned = you disperse it how YOU like.
  14. 55555

    I will, I will!

    Just thinking discretion calls for waiting for the mother-in-law to leave, which i think is this Monday....Why create a headache if i can avoid it... :)

    Thanks for all your advice!!! I am stoked to get the bike. Now, if i only live in Chiang Mai... dammit!

  15. Mike, you gotta show who's the man in the house - make it a point to buy what you want as long as she's here!
  16. KZ said: "Most decent XRs with green book for sale on this site were over 100,000THB."

    Decent? Maybe, maybe KZ...
    But don't stay stuck on the site: the market is wide open... Have a look around town and with patience and curiosity, you'll find some gems! IMHO

    Well, with a brand new Kawy, I think Mike is making a fair choice for his fair expectation...
    Enjoy your new toy, Mike!
  17. Well, it took a little longer than I thought, but the stars finally aligned for me today, and i picked up my new KLX250. Pretty stoked!

    First impressions after 5km riding it home: The seat is HARD! And yes, it does seem to lack some "umph" compared to the XR250s i have ridden. But let's see how it breaks in...

    Now, which way to the dirt?

    Thanks again for your feedback and help, and hope to meet some of you out on the trail.

  18. Congrats, Mike!
    One more happy biker... 8)

    And enjoy your KLX!


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