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  1. Hi,

    Any thoughts on riding gear for longer tours? Is there a good selection of good riding clothes for sale in Thailand? Any suggestions on places to buy?

    What are riders wearing this season there?


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  2. Riding gear here is expensive and very limited selection. There are a couple places in Bangkok that have some things, but you will pay dearly.

    Better to bring your own.

    Many of us use the vented, mesh type jackets.


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  3. Hey Bob, thanks for that advice. I picked up a MeshTek II for about $115 and my wife got an Ion Merc for about the same after we talked. Just looking at the mesh you can see how well the air will pass right through. I got the one with the rain liner. They have pants too, but I might wait and see if they go on sale for winter to a deeper discount here before I leave. See ya over there. -Russ
  4. My Girlfriend get's quite put out, she's normal size by Aussie standards but the Asian sellers (female) look at her bust and say, "you are sssoooo bbbiiigggg", it's just that they are so tiny, men and women :eek:)
    I'm 70kg but have xl neck/chest and at the absolute limit of clothes sizes unless i want to live in "I've been to bangkok" t/shirts!

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