Buying & insurance in Malaysia

Sep 19, 2005
We are planning to buy a small size motocycle or scooter in Malaysia with the intend to drive around the region (Thailand,Laos,Cambodia, Vietnam, Burma and India).

Can anyone provide us with some insights as to:

1. How can we get insurance for all these countries? (we have a friend living in Malaysia)?

2. Which size would be best (i.e. limitation of 125cc in Vietnam)?

3. We have int'l drivers licences but only for one year, we read that under 100cc you may not need a drivers licence, is that true?

4. Is it easier to cross boders with a scooter? Do we need a tracel document for a moto (beside the registration and insurance)?

5. Any MOT or TÜV (check-up) in the region?

Your advise would be appreciated,

Diane & Guenter