Bye Bye Ninja 650R and hello D-Tracker

Sep 4, 2007
Yes I know, I am waiting for the comments:
"why can't he make up his mind"
"oh no not again"
"not another bike"
or as one friend has already said "wtf", but I too innocent to know what he means?

Well here she is:

My excuse is that when I bought the Ninja 650 I was intending to reduce to 2 bikes. I did sell the FJR as planned but ended up with Jim's FZ1 in part exchange. Then thought about selling the BMW or the FZ1, but each time I ride them I enjoy them and they are quite different rides.
Then saw Andrey's advert for his 2 DTrackers and his desire to trade up to a bigger bike.
A lot of emails and only 3 days later on my way to Bangkok on the Ninja and yesterday back to KK on the D-Tracker after completing all the paperwork and getting my name in the Green Book in Bangkok.
It is actually more suitable for a 3rd bike than its bigger sister the 650, and I am fairly sure will be long term in my garage.

Today took off all the plastic and spent quite a time cleaning. Andrey busy working man and not so much time as us retired folk.
While the plastic and seat were off, I followed the instructions found referred to here and in 10 minutes had cut one wire, extended its length, joined it into another one, soldered and insulated the joints. The aim being to remove the restriction that Kawasaki had engineered to prevent the bike reaching higher revs in higher gears.
On the highway from Bangkok I had found that 115kph was about all I could reach, maybe 120 with a following wind.
Just been out on the bypass and will accelerate in all gears beyond 7k rpm and I reached 130kph, and stopped trying to go faster.

Actually I do not want to travel at 130kph on this bike, so why did I unrestrict it. As often, probably just to see if I could.

So can anyone tell me if I would have a better result by taking the bike all the way to Chiang Mai and paying 2000Baht?

So I will state quite firmly that for 2010, I expect to have 3 bikes in my garage.
Yamaha FZ1
Kawasaki DTracker
So no more posts of this nature for a long time, unless......................................

PS. Andrey did not want the Akropovic exhaust so I put back the stock one and will be selling the Akropovic shortly.
Sep 4, 2007
Thanks for that Ally, it is a fun, go anywhere machine, easy following the motorcy taxi's weaving thro BKK traffic, and not too bad for 450km of no 2 highway. But darting around Khon Kaen and some of the unsurfaced roads around here is where it will spend most of its time.
So do we have club meetings and rides etc?


Aug 20, 2003
When I bought my first 650cc Enduro for US$ 2,500 I already had several big bikes in my garage - BMW K75S and K100RS, Suzuki Intruder 1400, Ninja ZX9R, an old XS650 and several rat bikes, a 750 Sabre V4 a.s.o.
About two weeks later I realized that I hadn't touched any of these bikes and wondered what happened.
Riding the XR650 around town and short stints on the highway was so much fun that I almost forgot the bigger and more expensive bikes.
Enduro riders know why!


Jun 28, 2007
Congrats John on your new bike, think you will really love it. Missed the AX1, did you ?? :lol: . The 3 bikes should make you happy and serve for all the different purposes they are set for. So enjoy the Tracker ! Cheers, FR