Cambodia bike importation


Feb 15, 2011
Does any-one have any up to date info regarding importing around 5 bikes for commercial (ie tour company usage) to Cambodia? While I'm at it what about foriegn business ownership requirements?
Any help/advise greatly appreciated!


Mar 29, 2004
For import/duty costs you could contact Narita Logistics and Services

When I inquired 2 years ago, brand new bikes attract duty of 49.5% based on invoice value + freight cost.
Customs have a database on new vehicle prices so you cant fake a low invoice value.

Customs duty on used bikes is quite reasonable. It's 39.5% of the customs book value based on year and engine size. For example, a 2007 model DRZ400S has a book value of $2000, so duty would total be ~$800.
Add another $400-$600 hundred for import permit, handling costs, and broker fees.

Some brokers will give you a lowball quote to win your business but then you get hit with higher costs once the bike arrives. Narita seemed fairly upfront when I inquired.

As a foreigner, you can have a business 100% in your name, just cant own land.

You might find that using one of the local connected bike importers is the way to go, rather than doing it yourself.