Can you recommend bike accessory shop in Pattaya

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  1. Hi Gents,

    I am going to spend a few days visiting friends in Pattaya, and whilst i am there i would like to buy some off road armour, boots, dehydration pack , etc electrical socket, GPS holder , maybe some saddle bags for my KLX. There is not alot by Roi et so i would like to pick up what i can in Pattaya.

    Can anyone recommend a decent shop, or supplier.


  2. Sorry i don't know much about the bike shops in Pattaya but am willing to bet you'll have a lot more selection and much better prices is you hit up the big shops in Bangkok such as Paddock, Panda Rider, Dirt Shop, etc...
  3. Kawasaki Big Bike shop (it is one of the Mityon bike shops) on the left, on Sukhumvit Rd between Pattaya Klang and Pattaya Tai holds a reasonable amount of gear.

    If you passed this shop and turned right into Pattaya Tai, go about 2 km and on the right is a well stocked accessories shop called GT Rider, believe it or not.
  4. Ok thanks ime going there on the 2nd.ile have look but i want the full kit .been riding around like a tit in shorts and flying because you get into false sence of security on a little bike.
    Would of ordered from chaing rai saddle bags but ime 42 and ime funny shape now.....i want someting that walt disney cannot draw.
    Thanks again for your help.
  5. Email Chiang Rai Saddlebags - very good guys - & let them try to sort you out.
    you will be amazed how many of us "42 somethings with a funny shape" there are around.
  6. Thanks David
    Bought my givi 21s from them .excellent service...
    But i have a whole heep of crap i have ordered from will never use.....

    I really need to test the gear ....i am a useless old failed biker biker from the UK..
    But i have been bitten by the biker bug again in my middle age...had my 1st bike at 4/5 years old..
    Stopped riding at 35
    Sorry for the history mate..but BKK Tony..Captin slash .you..etc and thiis beautifull country has made me crave tthe bike scene again....

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