Can't Fly - Can't Power Slide

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    Sunday we go for a ride.. Knackered after Saturdays ride - Pics to come.

    Decide on a half day through Khao Mai Kheow then back in time for burger, clean the bikes and back to Bangkok.
    - So not dribbling at our desks Monday morning..

    Leif has been trying for ages to video me when I crash. As I always seem to get him on video when he crashes
    May be he just crashes a lot more ;-)

    He was the happiest man in Thailand.. I over cooked it and washed out the front trying to get away from him.
    But then had to upstage himself.. By crashing in to me LOL.
    Trying to slide on in and then take off.. only to have another bike come and then no where to go...

    Funny Sunday ride.. Pleased to say all my body armour worked perfectly.
    Not one sore muscle.. nothing after a good crash and you can see I hit the side pretty hard..

    More to come..

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