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  1. For those of you who have not seen the good Captain since he got back, or who don't know him:


    that's Slash (on the left ) a couple of hours he got off the plane from good ol blighty & located me outside the Kafe (of all places.)

    Watch out for Colin now as he get's around a bit. :eek: :eek:

    Colin great to see you back & already out-riding & out-posting most of us! You're a star! :D
  2. Yes it's great to have you back !!!! What would all the 7/11 do without you Colin ? Now it's high season for all of 'em again and also the pizza & spaghetti shops.... :? , welcome back, FR
  3. Why do they call him Captain Slash?
    Is he a guns and roses kinda guy? :D
  4. I would try and find the link to the thread... but trying to find a thread from 2003/4 (I think it was) could take forever...
  5. Guys why do you think Colin is posting sooooo many fotos ???? :oops:
    Well one piss one picture........ :wink: .
    Sorry forgot also the 7/11 again. Hey Captain, once you run out of road numbers, why not post us a 7/11 thread :p :lol: :D ......
    Got to Kan already ????
    cheers, Franz
  6. Well Capt we have two weekends planned in the 15th and 16th Sisaket and Surim on the 21st. If your up that way. Be good to hook up.
  7. Welcome back Slash. We'll see you around town then.

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