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  1. Wanted to post these pics of the 2013 CBR250R and realized that there wasn't a CBR thread yet!

    Seems like the only difference from the '12 models are the colors but I think the new look is a big improvement.

  2. Getting rid of the silver pieces was certainly a good move.

    I had the black silver and guickly swapped out the silver pieces for black and painted the rims and exhaust cover almost 2 years ago when I bought it. It's good to see that they copied my style. :)

    I wonder if these new models have the 5-6k rpm faring buzz that comes from engine vibes at this range. I would guess so.

    I think that when they remodel the CBR250 in a year or two we will see the multi-layered farings gone in place of a 3 piece set up like the CBR500. Just too much plastic friction points for a 250 single cylinder not to cause harmonics.
  3. I also painted the exhaust cover and changed the rear panels from red to black on my CBR150R.

    Looks better and the parts cost less than 500 baht!

    Funny that the little CBR also has a fairing buzz around 5,500 to 6,000 rpm.

  4. Interesting.

    I've been wondering that for quite a while.

    Odd as I believe they both have quite different engines. The 250 a completely new design and the 150 based on the older carb'd model.
  5. How did you know that in January '13?
  6. I could say inside connections. :D But alas, no.

    Most complaints about the CBR250 was the grindy 'harmonics' off the 34,000 different fairing pieces when the engine is at about 5,500rpm. Would have been one of the first things to fix when remodeling.

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