Charity Motorbike Ride around Thailand

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  1. Well we are ready to start our ride from Bkk on Sunday 24th Jan and are looking forward to it, we also have some great new sponsors PTT and Bangkok Exhibition Services. Check out the web site to see what the bikes look like now with the boxes on. Link removed
    If you see us on the ride give us a wave or drop us a note, thanks for any donations as it all goes to a great cause, we will be visiting some of the schools when we get to Chiang Rai in early Feb so look out for the photos.
    Happy riding
  2. Good project !! Wish you a safe ride & much fun & much funds receiving !! That's two new version F650GS's right ? Just read the description, the HP show it...... :lol: Cheers, Franz
  3. Hi Franz yes they are the 800cc and are really nice to ride we are now in Surin day 3 of the ride check out the web site Link removed we have more pics with the bikes and boxes.
    Thanks for the good wishes.
    Rebecca :D
  4. Hi Rebecca

    So now in Surn

    next Ubon? where you grls gonn stay and how long you stay in here?
  5. Hello Rebecca and Tabitha

    It was so nice to met you girls and have nice dinner, looking forward to see you on the road.

    Your bikes looks so nice and shiny as they are Brand new...

    tryed to get some pictures but photobucket refuce to co-operate and not working,, i'll try later tonight

    EDIT: now photobucket works so here are those pictures

    When i met the girls in Ubon, Tohsang City Hotel(girls live at expencive hotels..LOL) it's 2nd most expencive hotel in Ubon,,,and of course they where eating after LONG ride from Surin to Ubon 150Km,,hahha :lol:
    In the picture Rebecca in the left and Tabitha on the right.

    After chit chat girls took on "Walking" in Ubon and where heading to Museum,, i head to Coffee (with bike) so i where drinking coffee next 2.5hrs as we set dinner for 5.30Pm in Spargo, Italian Restaurant what is managed and run by Franco, he make brilliant pizza and all Italian food, he has very large menu and has large selection of White & red wines as well
    Girls eate Pizza and Salat and i took my favorate Potattoe,tunafish salad with Mayo and Spaketti bolognese.
    Then girls took tiramisu but one negative part what Spargo has,, tey do not have Coffeee available,not at all,, maybe in the future,, i'll talk to Franco...

    Compulsory "cheeky" smile picture with all of us same time...

    You noticed that one bike ws missing,, i told the girls that they have to learn to park bike close to each other so good photo can be taken, other F650 is red color.

    while where talking girls told me that they have chatter box in they helmet where they are talking to each other whole day long and listen music while riding,,

    Have to say it was so much fun and if the girls are in your town, please left them note in here so you can meet them,Funny sisters...

    Girls ride safely
  6. I have just inform Girls (SMS)to have a look on here and then they can make they mind what to do in they route plan, today they will continue from Mukdahan onwards
  7. Hi Marco
    Was great to meet you and if you look at our blog you can see we are trying out your camera trick, although we still needs some work as we have many sky and floor shots.
    Great suggestion about Chiang Mai but as you know we are pretty slow so can not make a big detour and still keep to the other meeting points.
    Hope to see you later on in the ride down south.
    Ride safe
    Rebecca and Tabitha :D
  8. Rebecca & Tabitha
    If you can confirm some dates for these towns
    Phrae - Tuesday 2nd?
    Chiang Rai - Wednesday 3rd?
    Mae Taeng - Thursday 4th?
    Mae Hong Song - Friday 5th?
    Mae Sariang - Saturday 6th?
    Mae Sot - Sunday 7th?

    maybe some guys will meet up with you & ride part of the way.

    Of note too is that Mae Taeng is only 34 kms / 20 minutes from Chiang Mai, so if you'd like to spend a night in Cnx I'm sure some GT Rider(s) would like to meet up with you for dinner & maybe even sponsor your hotel for the night / donate?
  9. Hi David
    Dansai to Phrae 2nd Tuesday
    Phrae to Chiang Rai 3rd Wednseday (4th rest day and meeting for Chiang Rai school, Visiting Chiang Rai schools on 5th Friday)
    Chiang Rai to Mae Taeng 6th Saturday
    Mae Taeng to Mae Hong Song 7th Sunday
    Mae Hong Song to Mae Sariang 8th Monday
    Mae Sariang to Mae Sot 9th Tuesday
    We are usually on the bikes by 8am stop every hr and ride really slowly (av 55kmph) as we are pretty new to big bikes (only been riding motorbikes 1yr and the BMW 3 months).
    We would love to see you all in Chiang Mai but it would make the next day too long for us (Chiang Mai to Mae Hong Song) we are still very new to this and need to keep distances and speed to our ability.
    Thanks you for your very kind offer, hope when we get a bit more skilled we can make a trip to Chiang Rai to ride with you all.

    Safe riding
    Becca and Tab
  10. If you don't mind, & anyone wants to join in for a bit to ride escort

    Tuesday 2nd Feb: Dansai to Phrae

    Wednesday 3rd Feb: Phrae to Chiang Rai

    Thursday 4th Feb: Chiang Rai Rest day.

    Friday 5th Feb: Chiang Rai Charity Presentation

    Saturday 6th Feb: Chiang Rai - Mae Taeng

    Sunday 7th Feb: Mae Taeng - Mae Hong Song

    Monday 8th Feb: Mae Hong Song - Mae Sariang

    Tuesday 9th Feb: Mae Sariang - Mae Sot
  11. Hi David
    We will be looking out for any other riders to say hi
    Rebecca & Tabitha
  12. Well we finished the ride on Feb 21st and i am glad to say we have raised enough money to add new solar panels to a newly built classroom block.
    Thanks to everyone who supported us through our trip it was hard work but well worth it.

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