Cherry 200 Phantom forsale

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  1. 200 Phantom, cherry with clean book. Not mine a friend so please use the phone number. He went to a bigger bike within weeks of buying this. The bike was completly checked out by a Brit Mechanic This is one heck of a find. He mail deal a bit ask. 50 K

    I have owned a 200 before and this one is as strong as they come, actually it was suprising when I rode it I tried to get the mechanic to tell me what he did to it all he wuld say was it was in the tuning and the carbs, so got me LOL

    Located in Sri Chaing Mai ( Nong Khai Area)

    I do have a photo if anyone wants to see it.

    Contact gene 089-942-5941
  2. First owner? Mileage? Accidents? Repairs? Modifications? Extra's? Color?Price?
  3. Sorry, scratch "Price?"
  4. Sorry Klaus not my bike just did it for a friend who lives in the sticks and no computer, might give him a call.
  5. Oh ye of little faith bike was sold within a week, remember I said it was cherry LOL
  6. Might have been sold the same day if you would have posted basic information. :)

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