Chiang Mai MotoX September

Oct 12, 2005
Hey David,

Got any other landmarks(or lat/lon) to help pin point where the track is?

Mar 15, 2003
The CM Motocross Track is located at the Nim See Sing Trucking facility on the Super Highway just past where the Outer Ring Rd crosses, four kilometers past Big C. It is on the right side of the road as you are heading from CM to Lamphun. It is well marked with plenty of red banners and flashing lights along the road. Plus there is an impressive crowd.

GPS: N 18 43 766 E 099 02 254

I went for a couple hours of Saturday’s practice. The races are Sunday (Sept 10) starting at 10:00AM. It looks like the smaller classes in the AM and the serious racers at 1:00PM after an hour lunch break.

The track is impressive with its constant jumps and turns. Hard, hard dirt that I wouldn’t want to fall down on. It will really take a toll on riders as it is extremely physically challenging and HOT!


The usual safety items have been taken into consideration. How would you like to impale yourself on one of these spikes?


KSR’s are really getting popular and out in force.


And there are some serious and good kid racers;


These guys are not the modified step throughs we see at the Chiang Mai speedway.


Most seem to have sponsors;


Some not;

If you are into motocross it is worth a trip out on Sunday (if you read this in time) or the next time they come to town. They are doing a great business in umbrella’s as there is no shade except for the food and vendor tents and it is HOT!. There are some grandstands and standing space all around the track.

There was no admission on Saturday, not sure about Sunday but it looked like it would be free also. I was the only falang in attendance, but I did see a couple of falang guys riding in as I was leaving.

As for Sunday, I will be somewhere air conditioned watching the Sepang MotoGP. If you didn’t catch it before, it was HOT!

Dave Early

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Oct 12, 2005

Thanks for the detailed post. Just got back into town and I may just catch the moto GP in air conditioned comfort tomorrow morning at the Irish Pub per Davids other thread. Then head out there after that and catch some afternoon racing for a bit.

Thanks for the heads up on the heat and especially the awesome directions (even a lat/lon you're the man!)