Chiang Mai to Chiang Khan


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Feb 14, 2005
Took the wave 125 down the highway 11 to Lampang then on to Den Chai and Uttaradit. Did a left at the crossroads onto the 1045, Glad to leave the highways, Personally the smaller the roads the more I like them. I rode up to the Sirikit reservoir and had a look around then on to Nam Pat where I stayed the night. Cant remember the name of the place but it is the only place to stay in Nam Pat and was 250 Baht a night. The next morning I took the 1239 to Huai Pong, Turned left there and got on the 1268 to Na Haeo, At one place I nearly came off as on a downhill bit on a bit of a bend the road suddenly was not asphalt just loose gravel so take care if you cant see far ahead. I think this wasnt far short of Na Haeo. This was a very pleasant route full of hills and curves and was only spoilt by two things, The bike and the weather. I definitely recommend getting a better bike for long journeys as the wave gets uncomfortable on long journeys. The weather was normal for January when I left C Mai, I think I did this trip about 14th Jan, But in the morning in Nam Pat it was cloudy and cold. I thought it will brighten up soon but I was wrong it stayed like it all day and was really cold up in the hills, I seriously thought at one point I had taken a wrong turn and was back in England it was that bad. I stopped and put on an extra pair of trousers and another jacket but really wanted my leathers and a balaclava which I will bring for next years holiday. Is Thailand getting colder each year or just me getting older and feeling the cold more. When I got to Na Haeo I took the 2195 which goes all the way to Chiang Khan, Its a bit hilly for a way but then flattens out and you are riding next to the river that is the border between Thailand and Laos which joins the Mekong just before Chiang Khan. The road surface is mostly reasonable apart from about the last thirty or forty km before Chiang Khan which is seriously pot holed. I arrived in Chiang Khan shivering, My hands and feet were probably the coldest I have ever known them in Thailand and I was told on arriving it has been like this for three days now. Luckily in the morning it was clear and sunny again for the journey to Nong Khai. I found a guest house for 100 Baht easily enough in Chiang Khan with a good view overlooking the Mekong, Cant remember the name of it though.