Chiang Mai Toyride January 6th 2008

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  1. Hear ye! Hear ye!

    Calling all bikers!

    It's a bit girly and unmacho but theres a charity give-away of toys to the needy kids if Chiang Mai and provinces on the 6th of January 2008 at Highway 11 Tesco's, Chiang Mai. :)

    Meet up is at 1000 hrs for the giveaway to the kids and then a bike tour on the Samoeng Loop via the south-west (clockwise circuit) to Samoeng, then through the Mae Sa Valley!

    A good way of shaking off those new-years day cobwebs and making some cool merit too! :D

    link to the event:
  2. :shock: :shock:
  3. Blue Max thanks for the ToyRide reminder
    It's also here ... t2787.html
    and here ... events.htm

    But note too that we are in need of volunteers to help direct people & bikes on the day. ... t2787.html
    As it goes down to the wire, we need volunteers to confirm their availability & help.
    But please go this thread ... t2787.html
  4. Yup you're right Slashman!
    Totally missed the events section! :)
    Been buzzing about doing a zillion different things lately, so miss the nitty gritty now and then ;)
    Still, at least all the bases are covered now eh? 8)

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