chiang rai to laos?

Jun 27, 2006
got it in my head that i wanna go to laos while i celebrate the queens birthday by not teaching on monday. im in CM and was thinking id head to CR friday night and take the shortest route from there to loas. havent even opened the map, just wondering if there are any big DOs or DONTs. im assuming its cool to take a scooter over the boarder? id love any advice as to what to see in laos in a night or which roads are the slowest way to get there. thanks for the input.

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Jan 16, 2003
Chiang Khong
Laos visa costs US$30. Mekong river boat crossing 500 baht x 2. Lao bike papers 400 baht.
Weekends & public holidays Customs are closed so no bike papers unless set up in advance.
I forget about the legal status of your bike, but if it is not registered in your name (in the green book) then you need permission from the owner to export the bike.
So in total it certainly sounds like a good idea, but I dont think it is going to happen. My tip is pick another time = working day (for customs & the paper work.)
Otherwise Laos for a night in Huay Xai at the Wang View resort is a bit alright.

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