ChiangMai-Pattaya and beyond

Aug 12, 2003
Left CM in the early in the afternoon and took the 'canal road' (108) south which is still under construction, but they are making progress. Cut over to 106 and then down to Thoen. Decided to visit my favorite masseuse at the Seeharaj Hotel in Uttaradit so cut across on 1048 and dodged the farmers returning from the fields as I made it to town just before nightfall. Overslept the next day but still made it down to Lop Buri via Hwy 11 and 1. Thinking to avoid the heavy BKK traffic I opted to loop around via 33 to Nakohon Nayok, Prachin Buri and down 331 which turned out to be a two way concrete road in poor condition with many trucks dodging the bad sections.
Never been to Pattaya before so was surprised at its large size. Found a nice little clean hotel/guest house (with cable tv, phone, refridgerator) for 450 baht in the heart of the city. Highly recommend the 77 Buakhao Mansion, (across from the Sawasdee Hotel) if you want a cheap quiet place with 1,000 girls within a 10 minute walk.
Next day I took Hwy 3 south to the end of the road at Hat Lek and the Cambodian border. I was flagged down twice by police near Pattaya who said I was speeding and driving in the wrong lane. I just smiled and shook my head when he said I'd have to go to the Police Station and pay 200 baht. They resigned themselve to admonishing me to drive slowly and stay to the left and after admirering the bike, let me go.
I stayed in the slow lane until I hit about 160 then drifted more to the right as I showed them what 143hp was like in a 205 kilo machine.... About 10k further along more police flagged me down. Same story... too fast, wrong lane. This time I argued that my Fazer wasn't a motorcycle, but was really a car with two wheels. That seemed to amuse them sufficiently to let me proceed without even mentioning money. Smiles and speaking a little Thai pay big dividends.
The road narrows at Trat and I looked in on one of the beach 'resorts' and although it looked like they were prepared for lots of tourists, I didn't see any. Hat Lek was non event... border crossing only... but the Immigrations guys were helpful and assured me that there was a ferry service available in Cambodia that would take me to the Cambodian beaches, where according to my buddy who will go there with me in December, the women revere white men as gods. I wasted no time in getting back to Pattaya and covered 750km that day, but not before the sun set.
Went back north via Chon Buri, Chachoengsao, Lop Buri and then Hwy 1, which seemed to be in better condition than when I drove it in my car 3 months ago and on up to Kamphaneng Phet where I discovered the Phet Inn. Fantastic full service hotel... karaoke, massage, pool etc. for 500 baht. Easy trip home the next day with time for a round of golf.
All in all a great trip and was delighted to discover my 55 year old body seems to be adapting to the rigors of high speed riding.
I'm looking forward to exploring the southern portion of Thailand in the next couple of months and promise to take daily notes on road conditions if anyone wants detailed a account.


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Jan 16, 2003
Chiang Khong
Sounds like you've got thet Yam run in at last. Beats riding the old Phantom doesn't it?
You're not doing bad for 55 either, its amazing what you can do when you want! Dont forget my 50th on Dec 27th, got a nice bash planned for that one in Cnx......
BobS & Peter are heading over to Nan (R1148!) next week for some riding. Why not email BobS to link up & join them for a few days?

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