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  1. The Chiangmai ToyRide is having another give away event at a needy Hmong school near Samoung. We have already donated a water system for their new school and on Oct 22 will be riding our bikes for a give away event to the school and kids themselves. Every school is different and in addition to the water system, we are providing football goals, marching band equipment, and sporting goods, plus toys for all the kids.

    We will be bringing a clown, buying the kids lunch, and having a bit of fun including the now traditional tug of war game that the bikers have yet to win.
    Come along for the ride and see for yourself how your support for the Chiangmai ToyRide can help the lives of these children.

    All bikes big and small are welcome, and will be leaving Richco Motorsports on Whulai Rd. at 10:15 AM Oct 22 and arrive at the school about 11:00. Richco is the motorbike shop right behind the big cow on Whulai Rd.

    See past ride events for an idea of what this is all about at
  2. That's FRIDAY 22nd October 2010 folks.
    You are all welcome to join, ride & participate in, & witness the event.
    Start meeting at Richco Motorsports from 9.30AM plus.
    Depart 10.15AM. :thumbup:

    On the Toy Ride website

    On GT Rider





  3. The best way to contribute for this event is to just Smile, Ride Along, and interact with all the great children.

    We use funds raised from our main CMTR Event Sponsors, along with donations from participants at the main event, to do these Give Away events throughout the season. That is basically what the CMTR is about. Of course, as it is for the children, we never turn down a cash donation if you so desire, but don't feel obligated on the Give Away rides.

    A little more info:

    The location is approximately 30 Kilometers from Richco Motorsports on the "Samoeng Loop". It is all good road except for a steep uphill climb on the last leg to the school. It is paved, but could be a little dirty depending on the rain. Any road bike still should not have much difficulty.


    And the children say to all............ PLEASE COME !!!!

  4. Hi there guys

    Is the school you refer to in Huai Khwang?

    Is this the final steep one off to the left (if coming from the south) towards the cave or is it the school on the main track through Huai Khwang?

    Huai Khwang - where is the cave

  5. The old school is on the main track before coming into Huai Kwang. The new school is on a turn off to the right approx .5 km before what is shown as Huai Kwang on the GT-Rider map. I show 4.5km from the 1269 coming in from the south.

    TO ALL;

    Try this link. Chiang Mai ToyRide Events Map
    It is a map of all CMTR event locations and links. Scroll down the list to Wat Prachakasam School and click on the title. You can zoom in and view the map, or in satellite mode (also Google Earth) you can see the construction site .
  6. From off the GT Rider Samoeng Loop map


    The map's dated a bit now, but the road in from Ban Klang Doi should be all concrete now, right Silverhawk?
  7. So who's coming along? :wink:
  8. Sorry Dave, but as on a Friday I must give it a pass though would love to come along. Have a nice ride & hope the rains stops before !! Cheers, Franz
  9. I will be coming along as long as Kawasaki have got a new fan for my bike by then. :happy5:
  10. What happened to your fan? Looks like an ER-6n, so I am interested....

    Don't think I can do a Friday, however, if the mood strikes I might show up. I'd have to come from Pai...
  11. We never know for sure. GT-Rider isn't the only source for our participants. We expect these to be smaller events than the main one, obviously. The weather isn't exactly cooperating. We usually get between 10-30 bikes for these activities. Although we use trucks and cars to deliver the goods to the school, we always hope for a good turnout of bikes as the kids love to see them. Hope more riders can make it. Thanks! :thumbup:
  12. Mrs Hoghead just spoke to the weather service and it is expected to be cloudy int he daytime with rain in the evenings until Sunday.
    Hope to see you all at the event
  13. :sad1:: I dont really know. The F1 red light came on so I took it into the shop yesterday where they plugged it into the computer and the fan is apparently the problem. Kwaka have to get one from BKK so I am waiting. I went over some newly made up road the other day on the way back to CM from Pai and I am wondering if the black sticky tar gummed it up. Will find out more when I collect the bike.
  14. Arh yes I'm going too.

    Free boxed lunches will be supplied to all riders going.
    Please confirm if you will attend to assist preparing the lunches.
    Thanks guys & gals. :thumbup:
  15. I look forward to joining you for this event on Friday
  16. Me too !

  17. Well from Euro Diner is providing a FREE boxed lunch for those riders attending. :thumbup:
    :idea: She needs to know how many riders / lunches to prepare.
  18. Sorry Silverhawk, I will have to miss this one,I have recently enrolled in a thai language course and Friday I am at school !
  19. :clap: Thank you for all the replies.
    As some of you may have noticed, the weather the last 36 hrs has been less than perfect.
    So as a precaution a school & road inspection has been made today - Thursday 21st - & everything is still ok = the event is still on as scheduled. :)
    Rail, hail or shine: See you all at Richco Motorsports tomorrow morning - Friday 22nd October 2010 - for a 10.15AM departure. :thumbup:
  20. If we have 'Rail or Shine' I will definately come but if the temperature drops below Zero and we have significant Hail or Ice on the roads, I will give it a miss for safety reasons. :lol-sign:
  21. If we have 'Rail or Shine' I will definately come but if the temperature drops below Zero and we have significant Hail or Ice on the roads, I will give it a miss for safety reasons. :lol-sign:

    :mrgreen: typo. Sorry. R-A-I-N! :roll:
    But looking good & clearing nicely.
  22. Bugger that, we'' just go by train!


  23. The sun is shining here in Mae Rim so see you at Richco this morning
  24. David Unk's photos from Hmong Nam Som Chiang Mai ToyRide School Charity Donation. 22 October 2010.

    A truck load...
    and there was more than one pick-up.

    Richco Motorsports was the assembly point

    The destination & school parking lot

    and the school was up the hill, a greasy steep clay incline. 4WD only & no bikes. So.....

    walk on by & up the track
    with a helping hand.

    The kids & school teachers were awaiting

    Opening speeches & presentation

    Clown time & queued up, ready for action...
    The Chiang Mai ToyRide clowns are always an absolute winner & it is incredible to watch the kids "entranced" by their first real live encounter with a clown!


    The clown fan club..

    Local beauties, dressed up for the occasion

    Waiting for the toy give away

    Choices, choices....


    it was a serious business for same, way back in the queue

    Not that this guy minded

    Let the good times roll....

    Which one

    Wow! That one


    The Chiang Mai ToyRide always treats the kids to lunch on the day.

    Today the kids take lunch in their new classrooms


    After lunch, it is showtime with some traditional & some not so traditional dancing

    The boys watching the girls



    The not so traditional..

    Back to the traditional


    and the not so traditional

    Clown showtime



    But the Chiang Mai ToyRIde is not just about teddy bears, toys & games for poor kids.

    The Chiang Mai ToyRIde donated 5 water tanks + a filtration system to the school for them to set up a clean water supply.

    The Chiang Mai ToyRIde also donated metal cabinets & lockers for two poor kindergartens in the same village


    One of them a "bamboo & tin shack."


    Grandpa watching the event from outside




    It was hard work

    Some of them deserved an ice-cream

    The teamwork was appreciated


    GT Rider is proud to be one of the Headline Sponsors of the Chiang Mai ToyRide
    :thumbup: Thank you one & all who came, participated in & helped on the day. You guys & gals are all stars. :clap:

    Your Chiang Mai ToyRIde Committee
  25. Got to give Dfl the credit for quality. Great camera that Canon G11 ;)

    Here are some punctuations of the day not covered so far.

    thumbs_DSCN4636.JPG thumbs_DSCN4607.JPG

    thumbs_DSCN4698.JPG thumbs_DSCN4700.JPG
    thumbs_DSCN4702.JPG thumbs_DSCN4711.JPG
    thumbs_DSCN4705.JPG thumbs_DSCN4706.JPG
    thumbs_DSCN4713.JPG thumbs_DSCN4712.JPG
    thumbs_DSCN4718.JPG thumbs_DSCN4719.JPG
    thumbs_DSCN4737.JPG thumbs_DSCN4738.JPG
    thumbs_DSCN4665.JPG thumbs_DSCN4761.JPG

    There are loads more here ...


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