China ,Tibet tour June 2007

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  1. Why not join our convoy of four wheeled vehicles entering China June 2007 and exiting to Pakistan approx 6 weeks later?
    This would provide you with a significant saving on the outrageous cost of hiring a guide for travel in China.
  2. Hone-

    Are you saying we could bring motorcycles and travel with the four wheelers? How about a link and more information?

    Dave Early

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  3. Good question, I'm interested as well?

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  4. Hello Silverhawk and Brat,
    Yes I am saying that it is possible to join our group and thus share the costs of indepehdeht travel in China.As motorcyclists you would be charged not only for the guide but for a vehicle and driver for the guide.Our group would provide a seat in one of the vehicles for the guide whose costs would be shared between all the members of the group.
    For your part you would be obliged to follow the same itinerary as the main group, but from reading postings and talking to two different groups it is possible,though not officially sanctioned,to take off up a side track and meet up with the group some time later as long as everyone overnights together.
  5. Hone
    Brilliant stuff of offer access to China, but what exactly is "our group"?
    Who / what are you?
    Where do you plan to enter China?
    What is the itinerary of the "main group"?

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  6. Hope this answers some of the questions I have received. I will answer individually those who have contacted me after I return home next week.

    > We are a group of Kiwis shipping our vehicles to Singapore May 2007 and driving up through Malaysia,Thailand and Laos to enter China beginning June.
    > Our itinerary is general at this stage but will need to be specific by the end of the year. Our thoughts at this stage involve 2 weeks in Yunnan-Sichuan area before heading to Xian. From there we intend taking the Sichuan to Lhasa route, probably taking in Nepal briefly before heading westwards in Tibet until we arrive in Kashgar after 6 weeks.From there we exit to Pakistan over the Kunjerab Pass and down the Karakorum Valley. If the political situation allows we will head for Kabul and from there northwards to the Wakham Valley area then cross into Uzbekistan. Route from there depends on the situation in Iran.
    > An opportunity exists to join us for all or part of our trip to
    > Europe(approx 4 months).
    You can tag along on your two wheeler or a 4 WD vehicle- the choice is yours.
    > What do you think??
    > Look forward to hearing from you.
    > Cheers
    > John
  7. Here is a question for our knowledgable readers;

    Thailand does not require a Carnet, but in turn (I am told) they do not issue them. If one wanted to do a trip similar to Hone's or join with him, what do you do? Does this mean that if you own a Thai vehicle, 2 or 4 wheel, you are not able to do world travels? Anyone have an answer?

    Dave Early

    Ever notice that "What the Heck!" is usually the right answer?
  8. Hone
    Are you guys still going?
    Is this tour still on?

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