Completed in a it a record?

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  1. I was totally amazed.... I got the invoice papers through for a bike on a Thursday evening and by the following week on the Saturday morning I had managed to get the new frame number, green book, tax and plate all completed.( All checked and in order) I have previously waited for up to 4 months to do the same process, :D All I can think is business must be really slow at the moment. :)
  2. Maybe they are getting more efficient .....JOKE!
  3. Great news & outstanding service. BTW what was the bike?
    Now last week in Bkk sniffing around the harbour & bike importer godowns someone claimed real rego could be done in a month. Yeah yeah, what a joke I thought. A month, & I laughed at him! But perhaps it is for real?? :lol:
  4. The bike in question was a Kawi D-tracker .... done via a recycled book..not worth putting a new book on would have cost nearly the same as the bike lol.. :D Will update you on the time periods with another 2 bikes I am putting books on once the import papers arrive.
  5. Only one week - that sounds like a record to me!
    Rich, I'm trying to get my 250 legal, so I'm very interested in the process. Hope you don't mind me asking a few questions, you seem to be the guy to ask - here goes:
    - recycled book; that means you had to get the frame number changed from the original to the one in the book, right? Do they repaint the frame?
    - the green book; is it a new one that lists you as the first owner or is it old an worn and shows you as the fifth or sixth owner?
    - paperwork; what did you have to supply? the invoice, of course, and anything else?
    - costs; how much did you have to pay for a 250cc bike?
    - what's the phone number of the guy who did it?
    Just kidding! But I'd like to know everything there's to know about the process before I entrust my paperwork and a bunch of money to someone I barely know...
    Thanks in advance! - Klaus
  6. A recycled book is as the name states - an older book from an old motorbike of the same cc and manufacturer... the frame number on your bike is changed to the frame number of the old bike and then the book states that the bike registered in that book has had a new replacement engine fitted. Only the frame number is ever changed if they want to change engine and frame numbers walk away. Obviously you cannot be the first owner as the book is recycled..... and I would only recomend this process for older bikes where it is reflected in the price of the bike. New bikes need new books. :) and yes they repaint the small area of the frame. :)
  7. The recycled book made it quicker . a new book would require inspections etc more time more hassle more cost .
  8. I'm dealing with CP Bike Shop in Hua Hin. They promised me a "new" recycled book with me as the first owner and with the right engine number (no engine change in the back of the book).
    I've read that if you "lose" your old recycled book you get a new one with your name as the first owner. Maybe that's what these guys are doing, who knows how good their connection is. -
    I've checked out a Honda XR 400 (mentioned earlier) which looked brand-new but had a 15 year old book with a red stamp on it, showed 250cc on the first page but had a new 400cc replacement engine. I didn't buy the bike which had a temptingly low price...
    The owner said he paid 70K for the book - at CP Bike Hua Hin.
    They want 55K from me for the "new" recycled book - cheap? too much?
  9. KZ....maybe my earlier post may be of some help with your question.
    If I didn't have the actual green book, I think I could have just supplied them with a photocopy of the greenbook, which I keep should I ever actually lose the book. ... t3599.html
  10. Cdrw, by "lose" I meant to go to the Department of Motor Vehicles and tell them that I lost my book even though I didn't. They then would check their computer and hopefully my recycled book is registered in it. Then they'd issue a new book with my name in first place and the right engine number.
    When I checked out the XR400 - only a couple of years old - I wanted to buy it right away, but when I saw that old rag of a green book, 15 years old and issued originally to a Honda 250, plus the real low price, I smelled a rat.
    I wonder what Rich got -
  11. Another book done within a week.... so it's no fluke.... this time I got the invoice papers last Friday (4th)my mechanic came that afternoon to take the bike to restamp the frame which was done at the weekend.I have just had a phone call to go pick up my number plate, book and tax disc all completed for the second time in a 1 week time span. :D P.S 55,000 baht is very expensive in my opinion for the book. I paid no where near that price for my books.
  12. Rich, you're not taking us for a ride here, are ya?! (-:
    Book within a week, nowhere near 55K baht, one bike after the other...
    that sounds too good to be true!
    Guess you're lucky to have a good connection - others are paying more and wait way longer!
  13. Rich, you want to make a quick 5000 baht?! ;-)
  14. :lol: doesn't everyone
  15. Since you obviously don't want to share your secrets I'll go ahead and get a real registration (original frame number, new book) for my 250. It'll cost 55K THB and will take about two months.
  16. 55k is the price on a legit book (with a bribe to pass the emissions) for a 400, if you have invoice on frame and engine..

    TP and a few others offer to legalize for 55 on a 400..

    A recycled should be a lot less.. 20 - 30 tops is my guess..

    Below the recylced (which is a real bike in the system) is a pure forged book (been called a grey book to me but it is what it is).. This is a book that can never go to the transport office and the bike wont check out on computer systems.. Its just a name on a book. Usually if you sell you give it back to the maker and they put he new name in for little cost (5k or so)..
  17. Just bought a 800cc bike that had not had rego paid for the last 3 years, paid the late fines and asked for a new book. The new book was issued in my name after the transfer and using the old registration number, nothing else in the new book , my name only. Had to show a VAT paid receipt to get the colour changed into the new book. Direct from the motor registry department.

    Just for those that don't know the green book goes by the frame number. Everything alse can be changed.
  18. What do you mean 'not had rego paid' ??

    Do you mean road tax stickers and insurance (which is no longer a sticker) ?? If so I am surprised you had to back tax.. I forgot and went about 6 months on one bike and when I went to tax I just paid for tax forward from that day.

    Registration should stay valid even if tax is expired I would have thought.
  19. Every year you are supposed to pay the "registration fee" about B100(road tax?) , it used to be extra 20B if you were late , now it is pro-rata. The fee if it not paid for 4 years, the registration expires and the book cannot be renewed without re-registering the bike, I didn't want to go thru this hassle. Insurance is paid now before the rego can be renewed and you need to show the receipt. Vehicle inspection paper is needed every year if the bike is over 5 years old by the green book, usually about 60B.This includes the pencil tracing of the frame and engine numbers on paper tape. You can request a new book if it faulty or full, they don't like to give it.

    If someone knows different please let me know, this is how Nakhon Ratchasima main motor transport office has been working.
  20. Sounds just like Chiang Mai to me .
  21. Strange.. I know for a fact about 18 months ago one of my scooters went way over the road tax expiry and I just retaxed it from 6 months late at I think the normal annual rate and got 1 more year.

    Just a scooter on Phuket so maybe not relevant.

    I had no idea that part of the tax and insurance fees were to do an annual registration thing. Will bear that in mind if I ever look at a bike thats been off road for a while.

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