Concerned: Thai Customs duty for goodsl from US

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  1. I'm considering buying a strap mounted tank bag, from the USA for my FG650GS, but am concerned that
    Thai Customs might intercede. Though, I've not had Customs problems with previous small items shipped to me by my sister.
    I'd been using my old magnetic tank bag and using bunji cords to hold it in place, but alas it causing some paint scratches,
    so this bag caught my attention: ... k_bag.html

    I welcome any advise from those that have bought in the US and had items shipped here.
    Would it be helpful If the supplier to writes 'gift' on the item and doesn't have the full company name on the return address?

    I'm clueless,
  2. Thanks SilverhawkUSA....good info; I wasn't aware of that thread.

    Problem resolved:
    I rec'd an email from Bob Sensale, who is now in the States, who said he'd help.
    I'll order and have the bag shipped to him and he'll bring back here when he returns in October.
    Pretty damn nice of him!

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