confused?? map does not load?

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  1. I have a garmin Thailand ver9 map on an SD card which no longer seems to work on my NUVI ...I have not used either for some time the EU and UK maps are all working but Thai map will not load?????

    what am i doing wrong , i reckon i have forgotten something vital
  2. Hi
    Mine loads automatically, but did have a similar problem with my Nuvi.
    Switch the Nuvi on go to tools {the spanner sign}, click on Maps, on the bottom i have button map info click on this here you will see all the maps on the device, make sure Europe map is not marked just the Thailand street maps.
    If that not work i am lost.
  3. I had a Thai map on a SD card that i used last year and earlier this year without a problem.
    It stopped working in my Nuvi yet the files all seem to be ok when i put it in my PC although there is some sort of ISO?? error showing up.

    I tend think that the SD card may be damaged?

    Is there any other maps on it? or is it the only map on the SD card?
  4. That exactly the same problem but I loaded the map to another SD card and its also faulty so i then loaded UK maps to the SD cards and they are OK .

    means my thailand maps must be corrupted not the SD card ...will have to down load some more somehow

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