Coverting a Suzuki DRZ 400 SM to an off-road bike

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  1. Red Baron has 2 Suzuki DRZ 400 SM’s for sale, does anybody think it possible to convert these bikes to a decent off-roader by putting 21’ rims with off-road tires on it?
    The sales person thought it is not possible because the front shock is an upside down, this does not make sense to me, USD or normal, it is still the same shock, USD should be better actually because of the lower unsprung weight which would also benefit an off-road bike.
    Not sure about the rear suspension however, would this be too much road biased as it is precently?
    Any other comments about this bike? How about the supply of spare parts?

    Pleased to hear.

  2. Speak with Mark Rossi at TransMotoSport in Chiang Mai (search for him by name on this site). I know he does this every week near on, changing his fleet of DRZ's from SM to offroad & back.
    For an Aussie, he's quite pleasant !!
    Rgds, Russ.
  3. Thanks Russ, will try to get hold of Mark, rgds, Frank
  4. I bought a DRZ SM from Red Baron.
    Regarding the supply of spare parts they are reliable. Though you might have to be patient sometimes... They order genuine Suzuki parts from Japan. It can take time but it gets there.
    Also note that Suzuki spare parts are on average more expensive than Honda for example.
    As for the convertibility, couldn't tell... Being slack I got one DRZ S and one SM.
  5. Good thread Bill, tnks, Frank
  6. You can source most any offroad 18" and 21" rims over here and have spacers easily machined up to transplant into a DRZ-SM. Of course it would be nice to have the standard Suzuki items but if not its still a possibility. Best of luck.

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