Crazy thai price on CRF 250 in pattaya 290,000 Baht !!!!!!

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  1. Yes thats the price the guy in an independant shop wants for a second hand CRF250 , he has stuck a load of Carbon fibre and an aftermarket can on the bike which has done 960km from new he had a for sale sign on the bike and when i asked him he said 290,000 because many special parts .........well the parts could be bought from Mityon for 43,000 baht so the total cost of the bike is 183,000 ....what a joker .

    may be a Russian will buy it , saw 2 riding brand new KTM 200s today they seem to buy bling and have plenty of cash.
  2. Russian's are becoming a big problem in Phuket!! One of the funniest things i've seen lately was a Russian guy wearing only a pair of speedo's & sunglasses drop his rented R1 while turning round infront of 20 people in a bar on a main beach road........comedy gold :p

    90% of them are clueless cheap Charlies on package holiday trips but there is a 10% of them with money that only buy flashy, blingy, shiny or goudy colored stuff.... The true definition of "all the gear, no idea" !!
  3. In Pattaya, Russian tourists numbers now exceed those of other farang nationalities. Surprisingly, many Russian couples and families with children, come to 'sin city', and Pattaya itself is slowly evolving from it's 'sin city' face and becoming more of a tourist destination. It's a welcome change!

    I've encountered few Russians who also speak English, and other than a few arrogant ones (as in all nationalities), many are here to enjoy the tourist attractions and not to participate in the night life.
  4. Yes its true that very few Russians ,do the nightlife thing , they are mostly families , my condo is mostly Russian families , and many young Russian men who have the money for exotic bikes , they are now learning english and engage me in conversation at every opportunity , most are very educated people and very friendly .and fun .
    but they do love bling
  5. Your being very politically correct & I believe a little to kind. just saying

    I compare the majority of Russian tourists to the British in the mid 80's that thru lack of travel spending money, ignorance & a general disregard for other peoples customs.....caused absolute mayhem to the Greek Islands & Spanish resorts!! To name just a couple of examples....Corfu, Benidorm & Torremolinos will never ever be the same.
    btw i am British & trying to be objective about this Russian problem.

    Agreed 30% do make an effort, are friendly & can speak English......BUT 70% of a massive number of these people DON"T.......I'm not doing a full page rant of all the negatives!

    On a positive note having a 40% increase in Russian's over a 2 years period is killing the Tuk Tuk mafia, with their crazy high prices & 200thb minimum fare just to go up the road.......Russian's have voted with their feet & walk absolutely everywhere. :thumbup:

    On a funny note, many Thai business owners who used to dislike difficult German & Italian customers now say....all is forgiven & wish they would come :)
  6. I must apologise for our behaviour ,but I must insist that all the deck chairs with towels on at 4am (before the sun came up)fell in the pool themselves,,)
    Your only jealous
    You must have been married young;)
    But in pattas a few years ago the girls even new the yanki for 'The Ruskis are coming',sort of a play on words there ;)
    But yeah How much!!!! must be the solid gold springs and rings.

    Where is this place they are selling?

    Regards from Mid East now on the way to Tenerife 4rNr(hope no trouble with old and cobblies )
  7. Off topic:
    Thanks for the apology Linds but it's really not necessary. We will just have to see what happens over the next few years in Phuket with this massive influx of Russian & Chinese visitors. The Scandinavian market that has dominated Phuket for 10+ years is slowly getting scared away & actually muscled out by being NOT as aggressive as the Russian & Chinese tour operators in regard of block booking huge numbers of 2, 3 & 4 star hotel rooms in advance, in most cases big deals we're done over 2 years ago. From what I hear from knowledgable friends, most contracts we're 4/5 year deals. So for sure in a year or three things should settle into something more agreeable to everyone. But this is Thailand!!

    On topic:
    This bike must be a CRF250R or the guy surely is a joker.
  8. the bike is a plain old cookin crf 250L so yes he is a joker .
  9. You may see it as a welcome change. I can assure you take away the night life this place will become a ghost town. I mean really why would you come here? Crappy beach, jet ski scams , fake merchandise, big bike rental with no white plates or insurance. I think it would be great for phucket or krabi as that where i would vacation.
  10. Russians or not, as long as they boost the sales for big bikes that's a good thing!

    If the tarted-up CRF250L really sells for 290,000 and the seller buys two new ones that's fine with me.
  11. Now that the price of a new Harley-Davidson is set to plummit here in Thailand, I'm thinking of selling my Honda CRF 250L, ( only 108kms on the clock ). Don't suppose I'll get anywhere near 290,000 for it but a sensible offer would be nice.....
  12. Why are HD prices going to fall in Thailand?
  13. Well, if what I've read can or is going to happen, the new Haryana H-D factory in India will be supplying bikes in knock-down-form ( KDF ) to Thailand. There has recently been a brand new H-D Fat Bob advertised on H-D Playground " assembled in Thailand " for 650,000 baht. The factory in India currently only have a 7 model line-up but that can only expand. It would also seem there is some sort of move to try and reduce import duty for bikes/bits imported into this country. Please don't shoot me, I'm only writing what I have read, but IF it is true, this will make a lot of people happy -- me included but at the same time, there'll be a lot of people who have paid out a whole lot more who will be well pi**ed off.
  14. I had a 1400 Intruder, never owned a Harley, but I put way more miles on my XR650L and DR650SE.

    Especially here in Thailand I rather have a CRF250L than a heavy, underpowered, air-cooled, vibrating, long-stroke HD.

    But - whatever rings your bell... :)
  15. Unfortunately Indian made bikes are still too expensive here , look at the ktm 200 or Royal Enfield 350 and 500s the Bikes are under the Asean aggrement but the thais still wack massive import duties and tariffs on as they dont play by the rules. But 2015 is going to huirt the Thais when AEC brings massive changes , free movement of labour and duties like EU , the Thais will be at a massive diadvantage on many fronts , language , education, cost base , etc then the prices will fall .
  16. Begging your pardon, but India is not part of ASEAN...

    These are the 10 nations that make up ASEAN:

  17. Whilst you are perfectly correct Tony that there are actually only ten members of ASEAN, there are ( two ) main ' off shoots ' for want of a better phrase. There is the ASEAN plus 3 also known as APT, and then there is the ASEAN plus 6 and it is within the last category that India becomes involved. These 6 countries are all ' free trade agreement ' members and are Australia, New Zealand, China, INDIA, South Korea and Japan. Last month in Phnom Penh, the 10 ASEAN countries agreed to start a new regional trade treaty known as the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership ( RCEP ). ASEAN wants this new trade treaty group to be up and running by 2013. Well, we'll see if this will help to bring down the price of bikes to a normal level -- I'm not holding my breath.

    To all ( other ) GT Rider members, please accept my sincere apologies for bringing politics into what should be a fun passtime, namely riding motorcycles but I feel that if the range of motorcycles that are made available to us all by the formation of these trade alliances is vastly expanded, it can only lead to a better time for us all.
  18. No reason to apologize! Frankly I thought Tony "gotcha" since he's right about the ten ASEAN members.
    Not many people know that there's an ASEAN plus 3, ASEAN plus 6 and even an ASEAN with fluoride. And what they are up to is highly interesting, including motorcycles and their prices.
    Especially with Japan involved there may be some good news in the making.
    I will google RCEP and see what it"s all about.

    This is an interesting article:

    "The existing FTAs between ASEAN and China, Japan, South Korea, India, Australia and New Zealand could eventually lead to the creation of an integrated market with a combined market population of more than three billion people, and a combined GDP of about US$19.78 trillion (based on 2011 figures). With the region accounting for more than half of the global market and about a third of global economic output, a successful RCEP would significantly boost global trade and investment."
  19. No suprise regardind price, Mityon are selling 350 KTMS for 350,000 baht unreal price its like a trail bike..
  20. yeah the market will be integrated but the thais will not play by the rules unless pain is involved

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