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  1. Greetings to all my Forum Hommies.....

    For everyone Riding the CRF 250L and The CRF 250L Rally..........there are a few suttle but important questions about solutions for the Notorious single Front Fork Spring and Whats going on at BDS, as well as with the Ohlins Front Spring Kits and The Rear Shocks L Vs. Rally...........

    2012 models and newer can fit the Rally and Vise Versa......But 2017 model of CRF 250L is a new part number. Yes, It's different. As of this Post, Ohlins is still producing the 2017 CRF L front spring kits. Currently they do come with 2 spring choises for both models.....until 2017.

    The Rear Shocks are different part numbers, and The Rally has the 2 Spring Choices but the L does not. They are the same Price.

    For Everyone Running CB500X,500R we are having a Promotion this month (September) on Rear Shocks and Front Springs and Oil for only 27,000 baht even! WOW!!! Higher Rear Shock Spring rates are not included in the Promotion but are available.

    Best Riding to All!!!! the last.

  2. I have a 2017 model. To clarify - there is a single spring rate choices for the front forks ? Rear shock has only one choice for spring rate ?
  3. Canthai,

    Not to sound funny.... You have which model of the 2017 CRF? No Matter. If you have the "L" then only (1) spring for the rear is included with the Shock. If you have the "L" there is no front fork spring kit available at this time for the 2017 CRF 250"L". It's in production as of this writing and we should see it in about a month or so.

    I wrote this Post as many people are confused and it started confusing us as well.... Apologies to any clients\customers who I confused the (2) spring choice between front forks and the rear (2) Spring choices between the "L" and the "Rally"

    Apparently Honda changed something again on the 250 L...... Something is a little shorter or something is a little longer....

    Cheers 16_CRF250R_Red.

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