CRF250M on sale already?

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  1. Saw some pics of the CRF250M posted on thaivisa, on Feb 9 already.

    Looks like the supermoto is being offered in Bangkok, on Chit Lom, opposite Central World.

    Can anybody confirm this and post some more info? Pics if possible?
  2. There isn't a Honda dealer anywhere near Chit Lom :problem:

    Plenty of folks, including AP Honda, have put 17" wheels on their CRF250L's and there's a rumor that Honda might actually sell the CRF250L in motard trim, but afaik it hasn't hit the stores yet. Perhaps they're keeping it under wraps until the Bangkok Motor Show which kicks off at the end of this month.
  3. They look to be the real deal, very close to the released pics, but since the dealers don't have them on the floor I guess it was a publicity stunt.

    Looks like the bikes are on a podium outside somewhere; a part of a CRF250R is also visible in the photo.

    The BKK Motor Show is a good guess, hopefully they'll be available sooner than that.
  4. I guess you're probably talking about the recent Bangkok Bike Festival at Central World? Those are always good fun but i didn't make it this year, was too busy riding :happy1:
  5. I don't know much about what's going on in the Big Mango, I'm busy here in the south, trying to educate the little ones.

    That must have been it, the BKK Bike Festival, since the stand was close to Central World. First time anybody laid eyes on a CRF250M in the flesh.

    Maybe it was a little preview of some Honda models.

    To answer my own question, the "M" is not out yet, we have to wait. Exciting!

    Walking into any dealership, being able to buy any model in any color, today - boring! ;-)
  6. Please educate me apart from the wheels what would be the diffrence.i have never had a motard (if you can call a 250) a motard
    Please educate if you can
  7. In short, some riders realized that enduros are great bikes, but if they were mainly used on tarmac in the city the big knobby tires weren't needed.
    So some guys started to put street wheels on them because you can't get many tires for a 21" wheel.
    17ers were the easy choice, lots of top rubber available.
    Then the brakes were upgraded and the gearing changed since a higher speed was required in the city.
    What resulted was a tall, light street bike with great suspension to go over bumps, a wide handle bar and an upright seating position that was fun to ride.
  8. So basically you lose lower speed power and grunt but gain on longer higher speed journeys...
    Thanks for that simple the way you told it thanks
  9. Well don't forget that it's basically an enduro but without the dirt capabilities. Nothing like the CBR250 with which it shares the engine. It's perfect for urban traffic but not for longer trips on the highway.
  10. Thanks i seem to have alot to learn i used to have an Xl RD 250 and 350.,,,,!an Xl 250 and would do 200 miles on them no problem...allways at full throttle...oh the joys of getting old eh......
    I never even worried about knobblies in the pissing down rain in the middle of winter.....a few wobbles that was the fun i think....
    Thanks for the advice ..i still have my silly moments but my bottles gone i think

  11. I wrote that a supermoto is an enduro without the dirt capabilities - that doesn't mean it can't go in the dirt, it's still better than a street bike.

    Of course you could travel distances on a CRF250M but it would be more tiring (and a bit slower) than on a CBR.

    Depends on what you want to do more; I rather do a weekend trip on a supermoto than ride a CBR to work every day. :)
  12. Aww mate i made a real tool of myself on the versys last week...i wasnt bothered about dropping it...
    Just wished i was on something i could get the back out...i rode an old dax 70 cc and was faster than on the v
    Felt embarresed to be honest
    Cant afford and dont want another crosser..just something i can through the back wheel out and power through rutts
  13. Sometimes less can be more, and especially here in LOS I don't need 100+ hp! Of course many riders don't agree with me there, that's alright.

    I had big, powerful and (relatively) heavy bikes for years, a ZX9R, an Intruder 1400, several BMW K75S and K100RS, XS650 and more; frankly I'm through with all that.

    Give me a light bike with an upright, slightly forward seating position, a simple, cheap bike I can ride and park anywhere, and I'm happy.

    The CRF250M is just that, and of course it could be more this or that, could have more power, be faster or look better, but I'm sure it's a good deal for 140K or so.

    Let the guys sweat on their grand touring rigs in line with the cars while I filter through the traffic to the red light like on a Wave and take off while the big guys are stuck.
  14. Had a look at my local Honda dealer who just got some new Forza 300s in and asked about the CRF260M again.

    This time he had some info, dug up a print-out with the photo of the two M versions, red/black and black/gold.

    He couldn't say when they are available, when I asked for a price he wrote 146,000 on the paper after some thinking.

    The CFR250L goes for 138,000 down here so it's a bit more than I expected, but still cheaper than the KLX which goes for 156,300 baht.
  15. I spent a few days on Phuket and asked at the Patong dealership how much they want for the CRF250M.
    The guy spoke fluent English and told me that the BKK headquarters have not released a price yet. He said it will be available next month.
    So I guess the dealer in Hat Yai simply made the above price up.
  16. Just went to the street market to get me some dinner and had a peek into the Honda dealer's shop window - and what did I see? The black/red CRF250M!

    Here in Songkhla, just like that, what a surprise! The bike looks great, I like the black frame, even the black forks look good. Cool disc up front.

    Even though it looks a bit "cobbled together" with the red front fender from the L and some red stickers... Honda didn't try very hard there!

    But no price tag, someone must have ordered it. I'll find out tomorrow what the deal is!
  17. The price here in Songkhla is 147,000 THB, as expected 1,000 baht more than in Hat Yai.

    I took some pics, loaded them up into photobucket (had to request a new password because I haven't used it in ages) and now I can't post them because there's no upload button under "go advanced".

  18. did ya know you can just copy and paste from photobucket to the gt-rider forum?
  19. bth_CRF250M1. bth_CRF250M2. bth_CRF250M3.
    No I didn't! But I knows now! :)

    Actually I dragged and dropped 'em, even more easy!
  20. Here's a pic of the rental I had:


    The rental bike had less than 6,000 km but the rear tire looked worn and a bit chapped:


    Also there was some oil coming from the engine (?) leaking over the rear end of the belly pan:


    Something to be concerned about?

  21. I wonder why the pics came out that small? The top one is smaller than the avatar even though it's 800x600 and 280KB?
  22. I saw the CRF250M at the dealer in Khon Kaen today. Looks nice but still a bit too high for me. I was considering this bike as an new bike, something smaller & lighter as the Versys.
    Price 145.000thb seems a good deal.

    Chang Noi
  23. Don't let the seat height put you off, once you're on it you feel in control, I'm sure you'll get used to it. Rent it for a day when it is out!
    I rented the CRF a week ago and getting on, swinging a leg over it made me realize that this bike is taller than a CBR or a Nnja 250. But I got used to it quickly. I'm 178cm.

    I checked again with the dealer who had the M in the window. The bike is gone now and I was told to wait two weeks. They did not accept a deposit.

    In two weeks is Songkhran and I don't think things will happen then.

    How come somebody managed to order one and others have to wait?
  24. I am 1.65 and I would like to be able to have 2 foot at the ground while on the bike. It seems the M is 1inch lower as the the L, and without any problem I think you can lower the M another 1inch (just as the L).

    Well I think I can buy here one for you and send it by mail to you. Or take the bus to KK and ride back to CNX.

    Chang Noi
  25. Changnoi you need a CB500X :D

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