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  1. G'day All,

    Thought I would start a thread for those times where you are at a lose end and just get up and go.
    May be a morning or an afternoon or the entire day in your own back yard.. Bangkok and surrounding areas.

    Not every great ride and site visited is an epic 5 day or 2 week adventure.
    But there are some gems in our own back yard worth exploring and sharing with like minded people.

    If any one has other day trips in the central area and would like to add to this thread, please feel free.

    A few snaps, where the place is and what you like about it..

  2. Wat Hong Thong.

    Spotted a couple of snaps for this temple in a Facebook Group.
    Thought.. That certainly looks different.. Not your average temple and not too far from Bangkok.
    Put this one in the memory bank for another day..

    Well today is that day.. Two weekends and no ride on the bike. Managed to get my ar5e in to gear around 1 pm.
    Fired up the Ninja and off we went.

    Location on Google Earth:-,100.5933479,11z/data=!4m2!3m1!1s0x311d4f4156061169:0x215c560f18938491

    A screen grab just in case the link above ever breaks.


    Quite unique and the tide was out.







    This is one of my favourite pics




    To be finished with a lovely lunch at the restaurant on the right as you drive in.

    Not many foreigners come here.. Thai menu and shy and very friendly staff.
    All this less than an hour from Central Bangkok.

    (When I arrived pulled up and parked the bike in front of the restaurant. It looks more like a convenience shop from the front, restaurant at the back
    Walked in and asked if I could leave my gear there and come back and eat.
    No worries.. off I go happy snapping and come back.. Eat, collect gear and back to Bangkok)

    The GPS was going to take me on all the shocking roads like Sukhumvit etc..
    Added a couple of way points to join up with the Chaophraya and then follow the road that runs along the water the rest of the way to the temple.

    Once you get past the ratty traffic made pretty good time.
    Half day trip. Left at 1.30pm, back home at 5.30pm

  3. Whoa there, that's a little beauty & something completely different for the Bangkok Weekend Warriors.
    If any other guys down that way have some more hidden Bangkok gems you are welcome to post them here.
  4. A ferry from the end of Suk Soi 70? (don't quote me on that) and then a ride around Phra Pa Daeng, the lung of BKK.

    Amazing country side there will looking over at Silom.

    Lunch, another ride around, then ferry back.
  5. The place is called 'Bangkrajao'. Short distances and get to see country-side right in the heart of the city. Ideal for bicycles. We took a ferry from down the soi ( called Sanphawut Road) at Sukhumvit/Bangna intersection towards the river.

    Great place to visit.
  6. Thanks guys.. Right under our noses.
    Will put the 50 / 50 tyres back on the KLX and take a look.

  7. G'day All,

    Strictly speaking.. I didn't ride to Ayutthaya today as went with friends.

    But have ridden up here twice from Bangkok.. Roughly 80km and worth a visit if you have never been.

    You can take the main highways or if you get in to Google Maps, plot a way through the back roads and along the river.
    - have done both and the back roads are more fun and interesting than the boring dangerous highway.

    A little bit of adventure on the highway..
    The truck carrying the Singha Soda water lost his load.. Amazing.. No tarp and no ropes to tie the load down.
    - What was he thinking.. or may be he wasn't



    Thank goodness no car was on the right when this load went off to the right.. or a biker.
    Must have been a ton of glass and water...


    Now to what we came to see.. Ayutthya Historical Park.









    Where the big cocks hang out.




    Looking for something to do and get out of Bangkok.. Make a day or weekend of it up at Ayutthya.

    Pictures taken with Sony Experia Z2 Phone.
  8. Guys

    Many thanks for the info, we will be spending a few months in Nonthaburi and still have the need to get out and about.

  9. John, I took a ride over at the weekend. Photos and video being posted later this week. The ferry pier for bikes is at N 13.67663 E 100.58736. The fare is 12฿ each way, collected on the Phra Pradaeng side, both legs.

    There are other boats and piers but I'm not sure if you can put bikes on. The passenger boats I saw using these were much smaller.
  10. Brian, since when you can take good photos?
    Awesome! I can dropby the Wat Hong Thong on the way to Singapore, right?
  11. Craig yes thanks I found the right ferry this weekend - was worth the trip.
  12. Last Sunday morning I made the short trip from my condo in Phrakhanong over to Phra Pradaeng, crossing on the 12฿ ferry with my CRF 250L.

    As you can see from the short GoPro video below, the elevated paths are narrow and more than once I reached a dead end. Turning the bike around was problematic at times and this trip is probably more suited to a push bike, which most of the visiting Thais were riding.

    Entrance to the ferry pier is down the yellow wall beside the temple, situated at the end of Sanphawut Road.


    Thai cyclists waiting for the ferry.


    The ferry pier.


    Riding my bike onto the ferry.


    View of Bangkok port from the ferry.


    One of the many water courses and elevated paths in Phra Pradaeng.


    Bang Nam Pheung Floating market. This boat (16) sells chocolate cake. Seems like everyone is getting into the KM Marker game!


    Nothing like a decent coffee in an old wooden Thai house after your chocolate cake.


    Highrise Bangkok is never far away.


    View of Bangkok from a jetty (one of those I got stuck on and had to push the bike out of).


    One of the two Thai boxing rings I came across during the ride.



    There's a few places of interest in the area including this gallery.


    Close up of the OSM map, which I used on my ride.


    The ferry arriving on my return trip.


    Foot passengers disembark first.


    Then they let the motorbikes loose.

  13. 555 Viethorse.. Inspired and learning from the other photo Masters on GTR ;-)

    Yes, you could stop there on your trip.. Nice restaurant for break too..

  14. Cool vid and pictures.. Glad you posted this.. Was thinking of taking the Ninja over as my KLX is not back in Bangkok yet.
    Think I will wait a little :)

  15. G'day All,

    Quick days riding with Frank T.

    As the heading suggest.. Through the lungs of Bangkok.
    Sure I have been here many many years ago..

    We took the ferry near Sumphawut Rd.
    Then through the lungs under the mega Bangkok Bridge... and out through the wetlands.
    Amazing how much water is out this way..

    You have to pass a navy sentry to get to the fort.

    Then a bit more exploring through the wetlands.. before the bigger car ferry for a change..
    Then off to Mulligans after a quick shower to meet the rest of the Bangkok Weekend Warriors.

    The route over GE



    All aboard.

    The skippers view


    Getting off.. I was wondering it it would be like the Moto GP and waiting for some collisions.. but all was calm


    Stopping for a drink further up after making a fair bit of distance. We see the other bigger car ferry crossing


    At Chulalongkorn Fort.






    This Navy vessel looked vintage.. WWI..

    Where the Chaophraya meets the Gulf of Thailand


    Heading back to Bangkok via the car ferry.



    Great way to spend a Sunday morning... Thanks Frank.

  16. Yeh was a nice Sunday morning explore, looked at Google too and noticed that at the point were we turned right to go back to Bkk you can go left and ride all the way through the shrimp fields to Samut Sakorn, something for next time, it could also be a good leisurely alternative to get towards the Ratchaburi / Petchaburi area and avoid the horrible Rama 2 road, at least the first part coming out of Bkk.
  17. Nice photos and insight on the Big Mango from people live there.

    Great reports Craig and Brian.
  18. G'day All,

    A bit of a frolic in the mud today.

    Just in case you want to know what Bo Din is like this time of year and won't get any better until Oct Earliest.

    Google Maps

    Mixture of pics.. Brian's, Tony's and Jake's.





    Some 4 WD managed to get stuck too.. Entertaining watching them trying to get out.








  19. Everything was covered in mud.. I declined the offer of a beer at Jake's place..
    Thinking. Going to be cleaning the bike and gear for 2 hours at least when I get home.
    If I wait till the next weekend. The mud will be like concrete.

    Spotted a car was place on the way home.. phew.


    Still hosing 15 minutes later and mud is still dropping out.


    A rub isn't complete with out a soapy.


    Most of the mud that came off


    4 of them on the bike for 1 hr.. non stop and the best job ever cleaning my bike.
    Expecting 150 or 200 baht.. As they pressure hosed my boots and knee guards too..

    The bill came.. 60 baht!. So left a hampsome tip too.


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