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  1. Hi all.
    Is there anywhere around Chiang Mai that I could buy some fairly decentish tools or should I bring my own?. I am not after Snapon quality but something useable. Thanks in advance
  2. To what extent are you going to use them. The hire bikes I rented had enough of a toolkit. Additional of tyre repair stuff may be handy but it is all additional stuff to carry
  3. Largo, when you come from the moat and turn into Assadatorn Road, there's a toolshop on the left which I used recently and they have got most of the goodies in decent quality. It's before the Royal Panerai and Peninsula Hotels. Just a 50 meters from the junction: "Nanamachineparts" has got signs of Bosch & Makita on the outside, 053-219422, 053-418349. Cheers, Franz
  4. Plenty of shops available that sell hand tools of varying quality. Most villages sell basics if you are in need of a quick repair or want to make a small emergency kit.
  5. Yes sir that's Nana screws
    3/1 90 Assadathon Road. Tel: 053219422.
    (Same street as Piston Shop)

    The best range of hand tools, nuts & bolts etc in Chiang Mai. Definitely worth a visit!

    Look here for more handy bike shops ... -t633.html
  6. Brilliant! Thanks for all the replys guys, I actually need some tools to get my gf`s bike back on the road as it is stuck up in the mountains in her village near MHS.
    Will definitely call in the shop mentioned.
  7. For reference, this outfit may be of interest to anyone looking for a toolkit that does not have the time to source out all the individual tools and pieces that they may need when out travelling on the road. I bought one of their offroad packs which is pretty good, I added a couple of extra items but now I've got pretty much everything for a roadside repair. They delivered to Thailand without any problems.

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