Declassified CIA SEA Histories

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  1. For those interested in the conflicts in SEA here's a link to for pdf download released under the FoIA
    which some may find of interest.
    No.6 The Laos report: Undercover Armies, CIA & Surrogate Warfare in Laos ,is particularly fascinating.

    CIA's Vietnam Histories
    This release consists of six declassified histories volumes and describes the CIA's role in Indochina during the Vietnam War. These histories written by Thomas L. Ahern, Jr., are based on extensive research in CIA records and on oral history interviews of participants. The release totals some 1,600 pages and represents the largest amount of Vietnam-era CIA documents yet declassified.
  2. Thanks for the tip-off Rhodie. Now to find some time to "read & research" a bit more.
    BTW My new book " The Secret Army" Chiang Kai-Shek & The Drug Warlords of the GT" by Richard Gibson (ex US Consul in Cnx) has just arrived too.
  3. David, very much looking forward to reading your review of this!
  4. Rhodie,
    An invaluable contribution; now to find time to read fully. Having this depth of knowledge must add greatly to your travels through the areas concerned; it certainly adds to the quality of your contributions. Thanks for providing same.
  5. This really is an interesting read...

    Still lots lots of cencorship with regards to names etc..

    Couldn't help but copy and paste this extract

    " Lair's questions exposed his interest in Hmong resistance potential, and this
    provoked Vang Pao to confide to Methven-still in French-the Hmong's fear
    of being abandoned by the Americans as they had been by the French in 1954.
    Would the United States stay the course, if it began helping the Hmong, or did
    he risk having aid cut off, at some point, and his people left to the mercy of the
    North Vietnamese? To Methven, reneging on such a fateful commitment was
    simply unimaginable, and he assured Vang Pao that any American commitment
    would be honored as long as it was needed. "

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