Did I get away with it?

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  1. Unpaid parking tickets in Bangkok.

    I got one about 18 months ago, but guessed he gave it to me to save face and never entered it into the computer. I renewed my Tax and Government Insurance a few months later without issue (done through a dealership).

    Then there was a parking ticket on my bike (and all the others) outside Fortune Town when there was a clampdown.

    Again I didn't pay it due to time and the hassle of it. 6 months later and again the dealership renewed my Tax and Government Insurance.

    So did I get away with it? Or if I ever sell my bike will it show up then and it cannot be transfered to another person?

    I forget which it is supposed to be if you don't pay your fines. Either the Tax and Insurance can't be renewed, or it can't be transfered to another's name.

    Any one know?

  2. ^ already mentioned, no time and hassle.

    I thought the implications would be tax/insurance non-renewable until all fines paid along with an extra fine. Which I was cool with. But all renewed twice without issue.

    The bike will never be sold anyway, I'm just wondering.

    If you don't know, there's really no point in you replying. :)
  3. You may have to pay when you want to renew your Thai driver's license.
  4. Ah, that's a new one. Haven't heard of that before. I don't think it's correct though.

    5 years is a long time for the government to wait to collect a fine. :)
  5. I've already told you that twice mate. :D

    Complete peace of mind as it is mate. :D

    I guess I've become somewhat Thai. Driving half way across BKK to pay for fine that probably wasn't even put into the computer because I parked in a row of 100 other motobikes outside a shopping center. Nah.... :D

    More interested to experiment and see what happens, for the sake of an extra 1 or 2 thousand baht added onto it. :)

    I suspect as I have twice renewed the Government Tax and Insurance on the vehicle that they weren't entered in to the computer.

    I would also guess that the police don't do this a lot because if someone actually comes and pays, if they are not in the computer it means they can keep the fine themselves, where if they are, they will actually have to officially list it. Less work and more money. :)

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