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  1. We have been trying to sell our Vietnamese registered Minsk in Bangkok thinking that the overstay fine for temporary import was 2100 baht. Upon closer inspection of the form, we realized it actually says 2.1 million Baht!! This is crazy, we are flying out in 2 days from Bangkok and we are wondering if they can trace the fact that we imported a bike and would stop us from leaving the country or charge us the ridiculous fine?

    Has anyone left the country while still having a temporarily imported bike in Thailand? I could still make it to Aranyaprathet and export it and make it back for the flight. What would you guys do? One more note, the bike is legally temporarily imported until the 20th of Feb, 5 days after we fly out.

    Thanks for the information!
  2. If it is not stamped in your passport that you and a bike belong to one another (as they do with Yachts) then there should not be any concern.

    David and Mai
    Chiang Khong
  3. Mind if I contribute? My first post though. You will be fined upon the next time you re-enter thailand. This happened to a biker i came to know who did not submit the computer generated form (for tempororay import) when he left thailand.

    abang acid
  4. Hi Abg Acid,

    Thanks for this info!. Seems like the boys at the gate are getting more and more friendly with computers and cross referencing. Any chance of you telling us more about what happend with your friends when they came back into Thailand?

    If Sonjagael were to come back, would they hold him until he paid the 2.1 outstanding?

    Are Customs and Immigration sharing info to this extent - all across the board?

  5. Well, he was stopped at the immigration/custom dept at Bukit Kayu Itam upon reentry. Probably their computer shows he did no return the computer generated form when he left Thailand for malaysia months ago. Anyway, after much mitigation he was fined rm400.00 (which is slightly over usd 100.00 ) and that took 4 hours . I m sure one wouldnt like to be stranded for 4 hours at hte gate right? Regret,I Dont really know how much was the original amount of tax imposed on the original computer generated form. Hope this is of some help.

    abg acid
  6. Thanks for the input guys. The bike will be leaving Thailand in the next few months by some friends so that might take care of the problem. Furthermore, I have dual citizenship and if I return to Thailand, I'll be using my Swiss passport. My American passport needs to be renewed anyway and I hope the new passport number will avoid any red flags popping up. As long as I can leave without problems though, I'll be happy.

    I'll let you know what happened once I get home.
  7. I don't think you have to be scared. I've had several Cambodian bikes in Thailand on a Temporary Import Form and I have been flying out of the country without the bikes and returning without any hazzles. Even if the passportnumber is mentioned on form it is not connected to any immigration files.

    The sum that is mentioned on the Form is not the fine for overstaying but the sum you maybe have to pay in custom duty inclusive "punishment" duty for not re-exporting the bike and not paying custom duty.

    The 2,1 million Baht sounds strange since it should be based on the value of the bike and for example I have on my forms for DR400 DR650 and Africa Twins only 200.000 Baht. So maybee your Minsk was really shining in the Customs...

    The overstay fine is supposed to be only 200 Baht a day up to max 2000 Baht and you should pay it when the bike depart Thailand. Personally I never have had to pay the fine even with months of overstay.

    If your friends bring the bike out of the country rememebr to give a authorization letter from the owner (according to the book) of the bike.

    Good luck.

  8. you wont have a problem, i had one bike disapear in thailand,! 3 months later came through poi pet on another one ,no problem,

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