dirt bike adventure pattaya Thailand

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    where to ride?
    If it's not 150 kms of extreme riding over Ban Chang mountain N12 53.559 E101 03.625 ( there is only one track from North to South) bush gets so thick nobody rides it from August until december, Although january 14th 2012 I was in the first group 2 farangs 5 thais on dirt bikes to ride it. last years track was completely over grown. Ask your 'tour guide if he carries a flick saw and bush knife. Donn't ride further south than Big Buddha, everybody knows Khoa Mai Kweo, N12 59.584 E101 01.332K to blast through in the morning reverse in the afternoon, but hardly a 'day ride'
    Moving 75 kms east to Wang Chan, N12 52.413 E101 12.502
    enter National park travelling north west, stay the night at wang nam yen. N13 28.563 E102 01.555
    or travel south through rubber plantations tp Ban Pha, N12 39.210 E101 27.854 spend the night return next day.
    or link the 2 together and mark a 3 day adventure

    If this is too adventurous, better you sit around in the girlie bar talking about it.

    Ban Chang up date feb12th- I heard a group of expat 'sunday riders' where up there looking for the trail !
    I'd like to hear your story guys !

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