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  1. donvangilder

    donvangilder I successfully took a bike into Vietnam

    was told to take the route 7 route from saigon through tay ninh to xa mat at the border, by three different people. well i get there and there is no way to exit vietnam because they don't have a visa stamp there. it won't be a fully international border crossing until sometime in march. needless to say, i'm not happy, cause it's late, and i now have to backtrack 80 km to get to moc bai border crossing. once i get there i have no problem, not even with getting the bike across, on either side. only problem, it's 5:30 and i have to go 110 km just to get to the mekong crossing, then another 60 km to phnom penh. thank god the road was good to the ferry and i didn't have to wait long for the boat. road after ferry worse but not bad. i'm here now, in phnom penh, at 10 p.m. signing off to get a shower and a drink. will give more full report later.
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  3. DavidFL

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    Welcome" home" mate - you're on the way at last, out of Vietnam safely with your bike.
    It sounds like the NSR is still holding up ok.
    I reckon you deserve more than a shower & a drink.......
    Keep riding & keep submitting reports, you must have one hell of a big one coming.

    Keep The Power On
  4. scot harper

    scot harper Ol'Timer

    Don'o Slam down a snake wine for me!!
    Keep the posts com'n, remember any tosspot can have a cruisy holiday, It takes Mega Kahoonies to have som'thn special!

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