Dogs Night Out


Jun 5, 2008
Nearly every Thursday evening a group of mostly GT-rider guys chew the fat over a couple of beers at some suitable venue.Usually Number 1 bar on Loi kroh.

Tonight Thursday 29th at 20:00 Hrs, dogs night out will be at Museum Bar on Haew Keaow Rd past Rincome corner (where Nimmenhiemen and Superhighway start) heading toward Doi will see THE PUB on the left,further up a 711 on the left do a U-turn there and Museum bar is on the left about 5 or 600m just before the big market and a gay bar called Darling.
Thai beer prices 3 Leo 149Bht,BYO whiskey etc,no sexy girls to pour your drinks and good food.

The bloody owner will have shout me(us all) a beer for the free ad !! :happy5: