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  1. In shopping for a mid-size Dual Sport type bike in Thailand, lesson 1 seems to be that these bikes are not hot items in this market, particularly in Bangkok. When you find DS bikes, they are likely to be big R-series BMWs, which is not what I'm looking for. Some of the bikes that seem to make the short list (which rules out all of the really tall bikes) include:

    Buell XB12X Ulysses
    Honda XL650/700 Transalp
    Kawasaki KLE 650 Versys
    Suzuki V-Strom 650
    Yamaha MT-03
    Yamaha TDM 850/900

    I'm diligently going through the various web boards and sales sites, and not turning up much. Is there a kind of "below the Internet radar" place where one should look for these bikes? I've pretty well scoured BKK and not turned up much. I'll be in Jomtien next weekend - any places there I should drop in and visit?

    Tks much.

  2. HONDA IS GOOD , versys is excellent as is TDM , not MT03 its tank is tiny its a fun bike but not practical, Ulyessess is good but not easy for parts or servicing also a bit big.

    BMW 650 is worth a look too.
  3. New bikes are just the BMW F650GS or the TRIUMPH Tiger, used ones are some to find in different websites and shops, you'll have to go to this website carefully, plenty of recommendations here. BMW's website: http://www.bmw.co.th/th/en/newvehicles/ ... rview.html
    I got mine at BARCELONA Bangkok; is the closest to Pattaya.
    Cheers, Franz
  4. Tks, I was at the Triumph dealer (again) over the weekend. The Scrambler is also an option, and they have a bunch of new stock coming in soon.

    Been to BMW also, and rented an F650 in New Zealand a couple of weeks ago, but that experience resulted in the F650 coming off the short list and the Honda TransAlp going on. (That's not an implied critique of the BMW, just a reflection of my personal predilections...).

    The MT-03 is kind of a wild-card, I'm not sure it fits (ex factory) in this category, but it seems like it could be appropriately doctored up..

    Tks all.

  5. Triumph may now only be available a EFI not carbs if so dont bother , but if carbed its great and tunable .
  6. You can order a Versys from Red Baron 450,000.
  7. Jerry, I'm waiting delivery of a 2008 Bonnie Black and originally khun Yut from Britbike said it would be EFI but now it turns out that it will have carbs even though it's next years model and the Triumph website shows 2008 models as EFI. Maybe something to do with the fact that the carbed models have gone through the Thai homologation process? Whatever, I'm happy as there is less electrickery to circumvent in the name of tuning (or putting it back to how the factory designed it before the emissions beaurocrats strangled it [;)]

    I'd guess it will be the same with the Scrambler?


  8. MM,
    Still haven't bought a Techlusion?
  9. I went there on Saturday to inquire about that, but the boss was not in and staff were not familiar with that bike. I'm awaiting followup...

    Is it your understanding that that price includes all of the importation/registration costs, or is that additional and if so, how much additional.

    In the event that there's anyone else interested in the Versys, is it imaginable that bringing in more than one of them would result in some savings that could be shared?
  10. Curious
    Have you managed to get any bike yet?
  11. Tks for the inquiry, David. The short answer is "no", still in the market.

    The longer one is that I was VERY off the market for several weeks after a terrible face-first fall on a mountain bike (bicycle) on Phra Rama 8 bridge. Don't ask....

    I then was out of the country, during which time I got to take a first-hand look at a Versys - two thumbs up, it would be the ideal bike for Thailand - and a Buell, though not the Ulysses. I think the Buell would also be very fun, but the liquid cooling, modest size, etc. of the Versys makes it an ideal choice for someone too short for an Africa Twin like bike. Someone like me...

    I was scheduled to look at a very interesting Kawasaki W650, but that was the day after the bike catastrophe so that was off. Now that the holidays and so forth are almost over, it's time to get back to work.

    Had some exchanges with Red Baron, nice conversation with Mike on the Trans Alp in Chiang Mai but no papers on that one. Siam Racing in Pattaya has been very helpful, and I rode a Ducati DS1000 there - wonderful machine, I'm glad I did not have access to something like that when I was young and stupid enough to take it on...

    Have a dealer in New York who is willing to crate/ship a Versys, and I have quotes from several shippers (air and sea), but I cannot find ANYONE who thinks it is a good idea to try to run the Thai homologation/customs/registration process - and that includes people who have considerably more Thai language at their disposal than I do. So I've got all the ducks lined up on that, but am so far afraid to take the plunge of trying a fully legal, tax-paid, above-board importation process.

    So that's no doubt a lot more than you wanted to know, but I'm still in the market and still looking for a fully-documented DS alternative.

    Happy New Year to all.
  12. If you can get the Bike in for a low enough Price Just pay for a Brand New Plate approx: 60.000 Baht. Still cheaper than doing all the other Bull yet Still Legal. Definitely Forget the Homologation Process!!! Good Luck.
  13. I agree the Versys would be an ideal bike for LOS

    I sat on one at the MotoGP in Malaysia, where they sell quite a few and they sell there for 49,000 Ringit about 500,000 baht

    Pity we can't sneak a couple across the border

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