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  1. Hi Guys

    I ran this past David as the post is not really motor cycle related at all but I am lookin for some local advice on a plan I have next year.

    In June I am returning for three weeks to do more of the same touring again. In the fourth week I will be joined by my lovely wife for maybe up to ten days before I fly back to NZ and her to UK. Two or three of the days will be maybe doing a shortened loop to see some of the area but she has another dream also.

    She has always loved elephants and I have been reading on the internet about the Mahout courses you can do. Some seem to run for between one and three days (probably longer) but on some i have checked out, they seem to intertwine with the Elephant shows.

    I think her desire would really be to spend good time with said Elephant, going bush perhaps, and doing a real Elephant thing rather than some commercial opportunity to simply be with the Elephant when it does the Elephant shows. The research so far isn't really that helpful so I am looking for some localised knowledge.

    So, my request is this. Do any of you fine folk have experience in this sort of thing, or have contacts or information to guide me towards the best option given her desire. I reckon two days with one sleepover would be fantastic but focussing ona unique experience of really being a Mahout for the two days.

    I don't mind travelling to somewhre if there is a good option away from CNX but we will be based in CNX.

    To bring this back to motorcycling, I will take her to the venue on the back of my bike ;)

    I have also planned her to have three days in a Health Spa extending my motorcycling by three days also ;)

    Thanks heaps

    Nellie the Elephant
  2. Hi Tony/Nellie,

    There is a mahout training "course" at the elephant conservation center on the way to Lampang just before Hang Chat. Have heard good things about it. They have a nice lodge on the grounds for people to stay.

    Very close by is the Elephant Hospital of the "Friends of the Asian Elephant" and they are sometimes looking for volunteers to help care for the elephants.

    Will check it out and will let you know soonest.
  3. Thanks heaps Auke

    I should have known to contact you ;) Your advice is, as always. appreciated. The focus is to get the best experience possible.


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