Engine Protectors / Frame Sliders for Kawasaki ER6n

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  1. Brand new Engine Protectors / Frame Sliders for the 2009-2011 Kawasaki ER6n

    Only 2500 Baht!


    High grade CNC machined Aircraft (T6) Aluminum with replaceable Delrin sliders.


    Easy to install and looks great!


    Happy to deliver around Bangkok area or EMS to anywhere in Thailand.


    Please contact me if you have any questions.

    Happy Trails!

    Tony @ Asianconnection71 dot com

  2. These will also fit the Kawasaki Versys!
  3. What happened to the Versys engine guards?
  4. Still working on them... They'll get here when they get here, if you know what I mean ;-)
  5. hey tony those bars look spot on. have you tested any on the road yet? i was wondering if they bend right back or shear off? i bought a set from my kawasaki dealer and put them to the test on a big mofo dog that ran at me @100kph. the damn bar bent right back! i was wondering what the outcome might be if yours met up with the tarmac?
    the dog has met up with its maker. i want a better set of bars.
  6. Well, that's the thing, the folks designing these crash bars for me are experimenting with steel and aluminum tubing of varying thicknesses and also different finishes to find the ideal balance between strength, cost and weight. I'm not an engineer but I'm sure I don't have to tell you that there is no such thing as indestructible crash bars. I'm trying to incorporate a cross bar, similar to the crash bungs I have for the Ninja 650R for added strength, except on the Versys the Cross bar would connect left and right hand crash bars at the front, just below the radiator. I'll post up some pictures as soon as I have a prototype.
    Ride On!
  7. Oh, wait, sorry, you were asking about the ER6n crash bungs? For some reason my brain was in Versys-mode so I thought you were talking about the Versys engine guards.

    Anyway, the ER6n crash bungs have been tested PLENTY of times. Like any crash bung, if you crash hard enough they bend or snap, but overall the feedback has been very positive and the bungs seem to be as strong or stronger than any of the imported ones.

    Hitting a big dog at 100kph is a BIG impact. If you figure the dog weighs 30 or 40 kilos and you hit it going 100kph I'm not surprised it would bend a crash bung...

    Good thing you were able to keep her shiny side up and live to tell us about it!

    Ride On!

  8. yep, i was damn lucky that day, i was on a poker run about 60th in the pack when the dog singled me out for some pain. it took out the bar, the left pod and bent the sidestand (??) it hit my foot off the peg and the guys back in 80th said it was still howling as they took evasive action! im going home soon but i will have a set of your bars when i return. cheers adam
  9. These crash sliders will also fit the Kawasaki Versys:



    Let the Good Times ROLL!

  10. Can you install the bars and the bungs on the Versys? Have you got bungs for the back?
  11. Sure I can install them for you in exchange for some beers beerchug.gif

    I prefer cheap Leo ;-)

    I have swingarm spools / sliders like this in stock:

    Installed here on an EX650:

    I've got the same spools installed on my Versys but no pics handy.

    Happy Trails!

  12. Very kind of you Tony, good deal too. This might sound like a daft question but do you think the engine guards are a better option than the sliders?
  13. Well, while every crash is different, the engine guards, which mount to the frame at three points should generally be stronger than the crash bungs which attach to the frame with two bolts on each side. Advantage with the crash bungs is that they are replaceable. If the Engine Guards hit the road I suppose you can just paint over the road rash ;-)
    Ride On!
  14. Completely unrelated Tony but where do you get the insurance for your Versys?

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