Enigma Circuit- A New Track In Chonburi, Thailand!

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  1. While it's still not finished, people have already been out riding on it!


    Enigma Circuit Facts:

    - Circuit Length: 4.0 KM (5 KM for alternate option B.)
    - Circuit width: 16 meters in length (with another meters polycabonated "track shoulder" on each side
    - Circuit can have 4 different configurations (not shown on the current map)
    - The Pit / Main Straight is 1.5 km (from the last corner to the first corner)
    - The run offs are all friction surface cement (the same as Paul Ricard Circuit in France own by the FIA)
    - 7 meters elevation change between the lowest and the highest point of the circuit
    - 34 "on track" close circuit cameras all over the circuit, so there will be at least 2 camera per corners
    - 40 Pit garage, can park 2 cars side by side per pit (80 cars capacity at the same time)
    - Intergrate fiber steel with in the asphalt surface of the track for strengths and flexibility
    - Shortest run off area is 70 meters from the edge of the track, and as long as 200 meters in highspeed corner
    - Clock wise and Anti-clock wise lay out in the circuit
    - This will be the only second 4.0 KM circuit in Asia, the other is Suzuka... other are either longer or shorter
    - Total land mass (not shown) 500 Rai + 200 Rai Michelin development center (not shown)
    - Michelin will have tires development center with small 1 km WET track within the same compound

    Sounds promising!






    I'd love to go have a look but still haven't found an address or directions...

    The Enigma website is a bit useless and the contact email addresses all appear to be invalid...

    http://sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak- ... 3307_n.jpg

    If anyone has a clue about location or contact info please share it!

    Ride On!

  2. Wow,great looking track and facilities.

    I wonder if they are looking at getting a round of the World Superbikes there after they get it up and running.
  3. They started building the track about 4 years ago i have heard about it from several people , a couple of guys from bira have seen itand ridden it but i still dont know where the track is ????seems its a secret they wont share .
  4. The track is near Ban Beueng in Chonburi - Look at 13 18.021 N and 101 7.509 East in Google Earth - not sure if this is the track but looks like it.
  5. Last Saturday I was told by Vikrom from Red Baron that the track was in the Kao Yai area
  6. See the website of the circuit - Mobile Atlas screenshots
  7. Brian.. The one Vikrom told you about thats Bonanza another private track.
  8. I looked at 13 18.021 N and 101 7.509 East in Google Earth but that straight is only 300 mtr so hence well short of the 1.5 km Tony talks about, guess we need to keep on searching...
  9. You know what gents,

    I may well have confused Bonanza Circuit with Enigma Circuit...

    Most of the info I've found has been from Thai forums that I run through Google translate, and a lot gets lost in translation ;-)

    This is the new Bonanza Circuit located in Pak Chong near Khao Yai National Park-


    Total distance of 2.8 km total includes 11 curves and a 720-meter long straight and is expected to open officially in March to April 2011



    It's quite possible that the pictures in my first post were taken at Bonanza and not Enigma... :oops:
  10. I also searched GE around Ban Bueng for about an hour last night. I found what I thought could be a couple possible locations, but with a 1.5 km straight it should be more obvious. I did find a post about it on a Thai website from March 2009 saying construction would begin soon. The images on GE are from late 2009. Is it possible they started construction later than the images? It doesn't take them long to throw down some asphalt and it shouldn't be that difficult to see if it truly is in that area.

    Last night I found the location that Auke gives and thought that may be a logical area to build the track, as something apparently was already there. I also found what appears to be some type of "test track" at 13 03 53.61N 101 13 32.18E

    It appears from the website some sort of announcement will be made in about 4 days.
  11. Its a real enigma .
  12. And a new track will be a real Bonanza for track lovers.
  13. I agree its all a bit of an anigma but what if the Bonanza could not be found and Detective Dave (the whiz he is) located the Pondarosa close to Chiang Mai, now that would really make my day, we would be Lord of the Ring sort of speak.

    Stuff the MHS loop on 125 waves we would be King of the World at Top Gun Racing CNX.

    Lorne Green.
  14. I have also just been told that the photos from Tony's post are actually from the Bonanza track, it's probably located close to the Bonanza resort which is along road 2090 which is the road from highway nr 2 (Pak Chong) to the Kao Yai National Park.
    Bonanza also has a golf course there and organizes the big mountain music festival in the same area.
  15. OK then, I am betting that at the time the Google Earth photos were taken, there was nothing of consequence to be seen. All of us can't have bad eye site and it should really stand out in that area. I guess we wait to see if their website really does say something more in a few days.
  16. So how do we get some track days at Bonanza? Looks good to me even if photoshop has been used extensively!
  17. I imagine if you call or email the Bonanza Resort they might be able to provide more information about access to their new track-

    Contact Property Tel: 044921113-5 or 086-327-3198
    Tel: 086-327-3200 or 086-327-3195 Fax 044921-111
    Tel: 086-977-6658 or 089-071-1056
    [email protected]
    Tel: 080-441-4695 or 086-327-3197

    Or just show up ;-)

    Unfortunately if the artist's pictures showing retaining walls around most of the track reflect reality it seems that this track is being built for cars and not bikes... :-/

    Guess we'd better hit it before the walls go up!

    Ride On!


    ps. Next Pirelli Track Day will take place at BIRA Circuit on Sunday February 6th. See you there!

  18. Some wealthy members of the chonburi ducati club have connections to the enigma project , i am trying to speak with them about it , it is somewhere in the Ban Bueng area and castrol Thailands test riders according to colin edwards had a hand in its design back in 2006 , but the project went into limbo for a while .
    Seems it is complete as a track but not sure about facilities or access?
  19. Tony won't be at Bira this weekend unfortunately as I stepped off my road bike two weeks and not very well right now. Actually got run off the road by a young inattentive lass in a new Toyota Vios.
    I hope they have another one in a month or two as I'll have time to track prep my "new" track bike.
  20. Oh dear!
    Hope you are alright!
    Inattentive drivers are such a common menace here in Thailand.
    Hope to see you back on two wheels again soon!
    What's the new track bike???
    Ride On!
  21. i wont be able to make the track day as i am doing a trip into cambodia ...have fun
  22. The "Countdown Timer" on the Enigma Circuit is just about at MINUS 2 days. So whatever was supposed to happen, DIDN'T. :yawn:
  23. Enigma circuit is near ban Bueng according to Keng from Ducati club chonburi , some porsche 911 club guys drove it last week , its supposed to have a grand opening soon but more construction of pits ,stands etc is required so maybe its TIT
  24. New Track Bike is a Triumph Daytona 675 but I'm going to keep the Honda as well. Need to see how I go on the 675 as for me it's a bit of a weapon.
  25. Did a day trip to Khao Yai today and decided to look for the Bonanza race track. Easy to find, turn off highway 2 onto 2090, go 2.5kms and there is a left turn with a sign for the "Bonanza resort 8kms" , follow the signs at each corner to Bonanza resort, once at Bonanza resort go straight past and follow the signs to "Bonanza golf" , when arriving at Bonanza golf go straight ahead past the golf carts etc past the houses on the right, heading slightly uphill, about 1km you will see the track ahead. (GPS N14 35.424 E 101 25.603 elev 388m) . Nowhere are there any signs for a track.

    Unfortunately today they were filming a promotion for a new Mazda car release and we could not get to ride on the track. They were kind enough to say, if we waited until lunch we could have 45 minutes on the track. Looks brand new, no walls or barriers yet, no stands or any buildings. It is in the same field that they had a Harley meet at a few years back. looks like Tony's first photos and track plan.

    Attached files 264906=939-DSCF1139. 264906=940-DSCF1140. 264906=941-DSCF1141. 264906=942-DSCF1142. 264906=943-DSCF1149. 264906=944-DSCF1150.

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